‘Cat’ch her in the act


If you observe your kitty closely, you can know exactly what she has on mind. Here are a few behaviours she displays and what they mean…
If you are blessed with a cat, you inherently know when she is happy to see you and when she is angry, fearful or upset. Here are a few common signals which tell you exactly how your kitty is feeling.
Watch her head…
If your kitty rubs her head on your body, she is expressing love, wants to be caressed or simply relaxing.
Hear the ears…
You must have seen that even when your cat is sleeping, the faintest sound pricks up her ears but she doesn’t react all the time. She reacts only if her mind detects a predator or a prey. Watch her ears closely to know more about her feelings.
If your kitty’s ears are upright and pointing forward, she is alert but nothing to worry, as she is relaxed as well. If her ears are pointing sideways, she’s attentive to what’s happening around but she is not relaxed and if you see her ears upright and pointing backwards…then she is actually disturbed and may turn aggressive.
Ears pointing back and flat against the head indicate that your kitty is scared but she may become aggressive. And if her ears are flattened sideways, she is in an aggressive mood…don’t go near her.
Eyes you can’t miss…
If you see two cats staring at each other, it is threatening but if one of them breaks the eye contact, it means there is no dispute.
If you see your kitty’s dilated pupils, she is either fearful, aggressive, excited or in pain but if her pupils are narrow, she’s angry but self-assured.
Observe her eyelids also. If they half-closed or fluttering, she is sleepy and if she looks at you at this time, she is displaying trust in you.
Trailing tails…
If your kitty’s tail is upright and quivering, she’s pleased to see you – she’s communicating friendliness and contentment. But, if her tail is upright and bristling, with hair on her back standing, then she’s probably upset about something…beware.
Also, a tail held half way up indicates that the cat is friendly but she is not confident of the person or cat who is approaching her.
If you have ever scolded you cat, you must have noticed that her tail is between her rear legs; sometimes curled inwards…she is submissive at this point.
And as you know these beauties have a lot of attitude too, so if you see tail hair upright with a little flick with just the end of the tail, she is acknowledging you but she has other better things to do than you!
Hissing and meows…
If your kitty gives a hiss or a snarl with an open mouth, she is communicating defensive aggression. When your kitty meows, she is probably greeting you or requesting you for some favour.
Though all these are mere signals to show what your cat means, it is important to observe the whole body language of your kitty to know what’s exactly on her mind.