Sensational Siberians!


A Siberian is a perfect mix of all the right qualities – she’s intelligent and playful, healthy, selfgrooming, and gets along well with children and pets.

Beautiful ‘n’ charming

The most distinguished feature of a Siberian is her boning. The cheekbones are low and wide, with the jaw neither pointed nor overstrong, the ears moderately wide set, the body strong and well muscled and the fur semilong. Females are significantly smaller than males and feel much less muscled when one holds them.
Other characteristic features include rounded/wedge shaped skull, short rounded muzzle and chin, somewhat widely set and preferably with tipping, rounded eyes, etc. Their coat is medium length with full undercoat. Siberian cats, once called Siberian Forest Cats, can be found in all colours.
Friendly ‘n’ intelligent
Generally a very mellow cat, Siberians are indeed a pleasure to be with. They are very friendly cats, unafraid and very fond of their own family. When the doorbell rings, they are the first to welcome – be it stranger or family. They are not easily startled or upset, have little terror of loud noises or water. They are often fond of high places, as well as their owner’s laps. Siberians seldom meow but often use a trill or chirp in greeting. They have a moderate energy level, like to play, and often will fetch.
Keeping her pretty
The semilong fur goes through twice yearly heavy shedding. While the Siberian cat is an excellent groomer, it is a very good idea to groom your cat daily during this stage.

Watch out for health problems

Siberians are at risk for the genetically transmitted disease HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). They are also prone to suffer from feline lower urethral tract disease or feline urethral syndrome.
These diseases run in the same or higher incidences in many or most breeds of cats.
Siberians form lovely companions. Simply bring this extraordinary cat home and bask in their intelligence, affection, and amiability.
(Kit Humphrey, Featured Columnist of Cats & Kittens, is a physician who is retired due to chronic illness. For Siberian Gatos Cattery in the US, the author is responsible for cattery policies and choices. This includes a program to eliminate Corona Virus, HCM, B a r t o n e l l a , Toxoplasmosis, etc. You can contact her or visit