Himmies ravishers…meowing all the way to glory


Energetic, playful, chirpy, loyal… words will definitely fall short for our sweethearts’ description – Himalayan kitties. When best come together, the result is always stunning…so is the gorgeous Persian with a beautiful Siamese colouring, i.e. our Himmies. Here’s little more about these stunners…better known as colorpoint Persian.
Looking like an angel!
The Himalayan is a medium-to-large sized, heavily boned and well-balanced cat. Her coat is long, rich and flowing, and varies from fine silky to thick cotton and colour varies from blue, flame (red), cream, chocolate, lilac, blue – cream , chocolate-tortie, and lilac-cream. Her sapphire eyes give her an angelic look, which completes her eternal beauty.
Sweet ‘n’ playful

“Himmies,” as we call them, are very gentle, calm, sweet-natured and social cats. They are not boring cats but very active and funny, too! The Himalayans are slowly maturing cats, so you can enjoy their kittenlike personality for a long time. Healthy, beautiful, lovable and playful, the Himmy is a perfect indoor feline companion and adjusts to most environments easily, which makes her an excellent apartment cat.
Looking great… all the time
Known for their rarity and fluffy fur, they are stunningly beautiful and require a lot of attention. Grooming is essential for them. They should be brushed daily, nails should be clipped and eyes and ears should be cleaned regularly, failing which would result in a “greasy” kitty with lots of mats in fur and stained eyes. Grooming on a regular basis will not only help avoid these problems, but your fluffy friend will also enjoy it as a form of quality interaction with you. (Eugenia Birkine is an active Himalayan breeder and owner of FELINART Himalayan cattery in USA, California. For more info about these loving kitties, log on to:http://www.geocities.com/felinart)