New Year resolutions by tail waggers A new year makes me feel a whole new beginning in my life. One year of our life is equivalent to seven years of human life. And so, a new year holds much more importance for us than for the human counterparts. I am lucky to be in a world, which is reasonably full of people who absolutely love, adore and pamper us?–?so much so that in our very short life span, we manage to live our life to the fullest.
This year, I have compiled the following list of a few things that I would want to change — for myself and for the others in my orbit :
I shall?try and not wake my ‘parent’ (yes, that’s how my owner insists I call her) very early in the morning. I love to go out for my early walk, but I see that she has a lot of trouble leaving her warm cosy bed to take me out.
I shall?try and be more active in catching the small rats in the house.
I HAVE?also decided I shall not run away from the house whenever the main gate is left open by mistake. Though I love that occasional thrill of being on my own, going wherever I feel like, and sniffing whatever catches my fancy, I am aware that my parent is not so happy about it. So, I shall stay put till she takes me out herself.
my new?Year resolution would be to share. I would not be overly possessive about my toys, bowls, leash, etc.
I have?also decided to strike a peace deal with the milkman who comes home every morning to deliver milk to my family. If not for him, my parents would have to go all the way to the milk booth.
I shall?try and refrain from occupying the prime spot which is the main sofa in the house, which is also the heart of all activities, by which I keep myself updated.
I MUST?make sure to shake the rainwater out of my fur before entering the house. Though I love the attention I get whenever I do that, something tells me they are not too happy about it.
I PROMISE?I shall not insist on having the car window rolled down when it’s raining outside. Much as it is enjoyable for me, I notice that it makes my parents very annoyed and upset.
I shall?also try and not use the house sofa and curtains as my face towel, even though I love rubbing against its soft surface.
I shall?also try and keep a diary for where I put my things. I realize I am becoming forgetful and so whenever I need to retrieve anything I have hidden away safely, I have to turn the whole house upside down.
And while there are many other resolutions that I can pen down, I know I won’t be able to pride myself on my will power. So for now, I shall try to work on these resolutions for New Year, and hope all of you out there, work on your resolutions too. Here’s wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year. Woof Woof !!!.

New Year resolutions by pet parents

My four-legged family member knows he is really loved and pampered. But even then, there are times when I realize that I don’t give him as much time and attention that he truly deserves. He does not demand anything from me but that does not mean he does not need anything. Which is why this New Year I have resolved certain things that I need to do for him?: I shall?not scream at him. He is such a baby and I shall try and remember that when he is playful, he is not able to discriminate between what is harmful and what is not. And so, I shall pet proof my house, and stash away everything that might hurt him. That way, he will not harm and be harmed. I love?him so much but there are so many things that I don’t know about him. Now I have decided I shall study about his breed and the specific things they love to do. Believe it or not, different breeds have different likings and once we pet parents are aware of it, life will be so much more enjoyable. I can actually spend more quality time with my pet by doing fun things together.
I HAVE?also decided that I shall contribute regularly to the animal shelter homes. After all, these organisations are doing what I would love to do, but don’t have the resources and time to do. And which is why I am going to try and do whatever little I can to help them in their beautiful endeavour.
I shall?also take my pet out for exercises and make him stay fit and healthy. The best part is, I have decided to make sure we do it together. That way, we will not only be regular, but will get to spend a lot of fun time with each other.
I shall?not postpone my visits to the veterinarian. There is no way my dear pet can tell me what’s wrong with him. And so I shall make sure that his regular check ups don’t suffer.
I shall?never neglect his grooming and shall make sure that if I don’t have time and energy for it, I shall take him to a salon where he can be given the luxurious massage, grooming and the best treatment that he deserves. After all, his good looks will not only make my four-legged friend happy, it will also reflect my good taste and care.
I shall?always make sure he gets to eat the best food possible. As far as possible I shall try and get the combination of taste and protein right in his diet. And since I know what kind of flavour gets him most excited, I shall try and feed him that as much as possible.
Last but?not the least, I shall make sure I get some sort of identification tag for him. God forbid, if he ever gets lost or something happens to him, everyone should know where his family lives. Even though I shudder to think of it, it’s better to take practical steps.
And I promise myself, I shall do all that I have resolved to do this time. Only God know how much I love my dog, and I shall make sure I give him not only all my love and care, but all the very best in life that he deserves. After all, he has filled my life with nothing but joy and I want to do everything that is humanly possible for that sweet lick of his, for that frantic wagging of tail, and that “woof” of delight every time he sees me. This New Year, I shall devote my resolutions to the most beautiful of God’s creations?–?my adorable four-legged canine kid.