Persian cat: the regal queen of cat


If you are on the lookout for an all-time friend, then Persian cat is for
you. Her quiet and peace-loving nature will win your heart.

Persian cats are popularly recognised even among people who are strangers to cat’s world. Look deep into the brilliant eyes of a Persian cat and you will be enchanted by their ‘take me in your arms’ look. The Persians are considered the most popular among the feline community.
General appearance:
The marked feature of Persian cats that distinguishes them from other cats is their long flowing coat. It looks less like a cat and more like a bundle of soft wool. Their thick enveloping coat bundles up the whole body into one lump, without marked difference where the face ends and neck begins. And the face of a Persian cat resembles a pansy. Adding to the beauty are the brilliant round eyes that light up the bloom of her face. They are heavily boned, and the stubby legs give them a broad and short appearance. The short and puffy tail completes the image of the lovely Persians.
Persian cats come in range of colours and patterns, there are seven colour divisions according to the pattern of the colour. They are : Solid Colours (white, black, blue, cream, red, peke-faced red, chocolate, lilac), Silver and Golden, Shaded and Smoke, Tabby, Particolour, Calico and Bi-colour, and Himalayan.
The Persians are not only sweet-looking but also sweet in disposition. Despite the royal looks, they are not at all fussy and are easily adaptive. Their quiet and generally calm temperament lends dignity to their royal image. There is never a dearth of praise when it comes to Persians. We may feel that, because of their puffy and broad appearance, even the voice must be equally abrasive and puffy. But no, we are wrong!
The Persians are equipped with the best of gifts. They have sweet and mellifluous voice, which makes them mew all their way to people’s heart.
A person can find his or her best soulmate in a Persian because they are very affectionate, loving and friendly. Filled with emotions,