Making Merry…a purrfect way!


Christmas is the best time for our furry felines…they are all charged up and ready to rock ‘n’ roll…our kittens are real party animals and night animals too…(elevenesis!!!). They love to party, dance, dress-up, climb the Christmas tree, chase the stars and lights and of course get pampered. But we love to care for them…and to make this Christmas even more bewitching for them; here are a few safety tips:

  • Provide firm and stable base to the Christmas tree…kitty simply loves to hop and jump on every branch.
  • Keep the tree free from any live or lose wires…as out of excitement they might start chewing chords.
  • Cover the tree base and do not allow kitty to drink water from the tree base…its harmful and if preservatives are used…it can be poisonous.
  • Do not keep candles on unattended…just one wag of fluffy tail and its all panic and havoc.
  • Do not overfeed kitties with leftovers, chocolates, sweets or cakes…Mind their diet.
  • Sooner the sparkling and twinkling wrappers and decoratives catch their fancy…its action time for you …keep them away!
  • Keep a check on the drinks and glasses…to avoid Tipsy Troubles.
  • Christmas plantation and flora are poisonous for our furry friends…so watch out and don’t let them take these decorations as edible delights.
  • Give her lots of love and cherish  the memories of Christmas Eve for a whole year thereafter.