Life’s true joy!!


To run in free abandon, to sniff to one’s heart’s delight at all the new smells, to explore endlessly, to splash in water and try to manage the breaking waves, to catch a driftwood from a river bank, to chase butterflies and birds, to look at utter amazement at monkeys and wonder where they come from, to bark with a purpose and show how important one is, to sit at the beach and enjoy the cool sand, to always want to run out and play, for one’s canine these above and more would be life’s true joy. But come to think of it, how many of them actually get a chance to experience such living, specially if they are city dogs. Where can we go for holidays with our pets to give them a break and to make them experience the joy of living. Our lil’ bundles of joy are always contented but at the end of the day they should get more. One often wonders which park is dog friendly so he can have his daily romp. Or even other destination in the city where one can go and enjoy with one’s canine are completely NIL.
On one such occasion – thinking that this is the least we could do we decided to go against the norms and started looking for pet friendly places and to my amazement managed to find one. A beautiful place called Naukuchiatal (Uttranchal) where during the monsoons it feels heaven has come to earth. Guess Sparkle thought that way too. Sparkle was in utter amazement of the place and must be thinking, “God!!! Why didn’t I know before such a place existed.” From running, playing, sniffing, chasing birds, warning monkeys, splashing to catching driftwood, he did it all. Not a moment during the day did he rest – he was all over the place – I guess completely intoxicated.
Hope you all can take your darlings to hideaways where they too can experience the joy of living. Do share your getaways with us, so together we can compile places. Do watch out for our Nov-Dec issue for a write up on Sparkle’s escapades in Naukuchiatal.
Till then Sparkle woofs ‘Bon Voyage’ to all.