Toast to our loving buddies…


This new year, let’s give a toast to some pooch-stories being told and the millions experienced, shared, loved and remembered…we love you all – big or small, black, white, brown, grey etc, pedigreed, mixed or stray.
For people who have not been blessed with dog might feel that all dogs are same. But we all know, how wrong this statement is. Each pooch is an individual – different from the rest, having his own personality and quirks. But yes, they all are same in some respects – love, care and loyalty. Pick up the story of Marley & Me which is an emotional and loving tale of an havoc creating, boisterous and certified un-trainable yellow Labrador. Despite all odds, Marley was loved by the family and his death was a major blow to them.
Then, there’s the tale of loyalty of ‘Hachiko’ who waited for his human friend-the deceased professor for nine years at the train station. He would escape his current caretakers and come back to the station to wait. Many people started noticing this faithful Akita and gave him food. In 1934, at Shibuya Station in Tokyo, a monument was erected for his unending love– finally Hachiko died in March 1935. There are many, many more such real-life incidences. And all dog lovers would agree that these are not just stories, we all have stories or anecdotes of their love and loyalty engraved deep in our hearts.
If we can show an iota of love and shining sincerity like our canine buddies- what a wonderful world this will be! Let us all strive our best to make this world a better place to live – not just for us but for our canines as well. The efforts have already begun, but still there’s a long way to go. Every small deed counts – take care of the strays while you drive, give them food or shelter in the chilling cold, get them vaccinated and/or neutered – the list is endless.
Sparkle gives a big woof to a joyous New Year to all pet parents and their buddies. A Sparkling Year to all!!!