Sherry – our bundle of joy


Life hasn’t been the same since this bundle of joy named Sherry (Labrador) came into our lives. Sherry completed our family.
Sherry was a winter baby. She came to us in winters, when she was less than a month old. It was a major task to keep her warm. For first few weeks, the whole house was decorated with newspapers. Within a month, she was successfully trained to use one of the toilets in the house, so well that for a long time she did not know how to do it in the natural surroundings.
Sherry slowly transformed into one “Demolition” devil and chewed all furniture, chappals, shoes, mobiles, etc. She would collect all her treasures and hide them. At one stage we were all walking about in half chewed slippers and mismatched pair of socks!
My cooking skills are always under microscopic examination, but Sherry makes me feel as if I am the best cook. She laps up whatever I make for her. My husband accuses that I cook only for Sherry and they have to make do with what they get!
Sherry is very spiritual. Though it is hard to believe but it is true. She sits with me for my morning and evening prayers. Any metal sound sends her into a barking frenzy. But during prayer time, the bell sound does not trouble her! What she really loves is getting her prasad after the puja!
She is a voracious snacker! Anyone eating, she will be there right in front with an expression as if she has been starved for months together. With the result both mother and daughter are perpetually fighting the bulge battle. With two brats at home(Sherry and my son), the house is converted into a skating ring, football field etc. Sherry loves to skate with her food bowl and play fetch. In the best of times, the house looks as if it’s been hit by a typhoon. She loves her outings, specially her car rides. When all of us are traveling, I have to sit in the backseat with her. Even though her side of window is lowered, Sherry insists on sitting on my lap and look outside!
We recently celebrated Sherry’s 1st birthday. It was essentially a thanksgiving for she has filled our lives with so much love, joy, peace, laughter and harmony. We had Sherry’s doggy and human friends over for a lovely celebration.
Thanks to Sherry for teaching us how to give and receive love unconditionally.
– Maya Dwajan, Noida