My best friend


After the death of my 3 year old Spitz Bobo in 1990, my father was so shattered that he absolutely refused to get another dog. I love dogs and wanted one but I could not convince my father to adopt one.
My wish came true on our anniversary when my husband got me “Scooby”- a crème colour Labrador puppy. We instantly fell in love with him. As a puppy he kept us on our toes. Till date, we have never left him alone at home. Whenever we go out, we drop him at my mom’s place. Scooby loves his visits , as he is pampered there as well. My father has acquired a special liking towards him but Scooby is my mom’s pet. He follows her wherever she goes.
Scooby’s favourite pastime is playing ball with my husband. Walk time is all-time, he is always ready. He is the shredder of the house and loves tearing newspapers and plastic packets into tiny pieces, what an achievement it is for him.
Life seems to be complete with Scooby. He is the baby of the house, all our decisions revolve around him. We just adore him. It’s definitely a true saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend”.
– Julie Dhariwal, Kolkata