A tribute to Bonzo


Thank you Bonzo for being part of our lives for 15 years
(June 28, 1990 – May 22, 2005).
No words can express our gratitude for the unconditional love and joy that you gave us and to our friends.
We will always remember your innocence, your ability to express yourself and to communicate with us with your expressive beautiful eyes, voice and gestures.
You understood our feelings and responded
with your caring and protective nature.

You were our friend, companion and family member.
You were the only pet to have shared our moments
of grief when Daddy and Mummy passed
away in 2003.
What makes you even more special is that you bravely endured eight major operations of cancer only to be with us and fill our lonely lives with your
love and care.
Please forgive us for having caused you so much pain in final days of your treatment.
We will always miss you!!
God bless you and may your soul rest in peace.
–Neena, Gogi and Romey Singh, Delhi