These are a few of my favourite things… Merry X’mas!!!


Come Christmas and everybody looks forward to the gifts Santa Claus would bring for us. This Christmas, Amrita asked her four-legged family member Heera  to pen down his wish list. And here he goes…

When I first heard Audrey Hepburn sing “These are a few of my favourite things” in the evergreen movie “My Fair Lady”, I never thought I’d have an occasion to present my own list some day. But you know what they say, “Every dog has his day”, and I got mine too. This Christmas, my dear owner in my eyes, is no less beautiful than Audrey Hepburn herself, has asked me for a list of 10 things that I want from Santa Claus. And God! I can’t wait to get started.
The first and foremost thing I want is to have my own bean bag, in front of the television. With my own Bean Bag, I can be a part of the prime time audience.
I also want to have my own car and a driver, so that I can go for long drives as and when I want. Oh what fun would it be, to just hop on to the back seat of a convertible, have the wind blowing in my face and to have no one pushing me to the extreme corner of the car seat. I can’t wait to lie back and say to myself, “Now that’s the way to live!!!”
One thing I always dream of is to have a cupboard full of dog bones, in all flavours—chicken, pork, mutton, egg and even fish!!! I can chew on it all day and treat my palate to my heart’s leisure. That’s called getting a real taste of life!!!!
Another thing that has always been a secret passion for me is to have a cat in my captivity. But something tells me, this wish of mine will remain a wish considering my owner goes “Oh chooo chweet” every time she sees a cat at her window sill, sitting majestically - much to my rising blood pressure!!!
One thing I have always dreamt doing is to fly first class. After all, my owner has always made me feel that I deserve the best!!! I would love to lie back in the comfy cosy chairs I see in the television ads, be served chicken/mutton soup, with chop lambs and a jug of my favourite milk that I can keep lapping up while admiring the clouds and the sky outside. I would love to be on cloud nine literally, this X’mas.
I also want a nice big bed all to myself. Even though I have been provided a decent bed and I am practically the master of the whole house (at least my owner tells me so), I still would love to have a master bed, where I can sleep without having to worry about stretching too much. Sometimes, I feel I don’t manage to catch the other dogs and cats in my dreams, because I don’t have that much of space to run while dreaming.
I also desperately need a mobile phone. You might not believe me, but I do have quite a few local friends. They are cool dudes and it’s nice to meet them when I go for my walks. But there are times when I’m getting bored in the house. No cat or mouse in the house to hold my attention and no maids or squirrels to bark at. That’s when you feel like just calling up your friends.
I would love to have my own personal shrink. There are so many things I want him to analyse for me, especially my dreams. I want to know why I only dream of cats and dogs and chasing them unsuccessfully all over town. I wonder if I have any karmic debts to settle with them or is it just my ID, my ego or the super ego that is causing me so much of heartburn.
You might find this funny but I would also love to have a skateboard for myself. You know how it is. Sometimes you just feel so tired. I do want to go out for a walk, but I somehow don’t have the energy to walk. At such times, it must be such fun to just step on to the skateboard and look around. Now that would be a real smooth walk, don’t you think???? And last, but not the least, I would like to have my own ATM card. There are times when you feel like indulging in something particular, but my owner does not understand exactly what I want. That’s when I feel my ATM card would be very useful. I can just go and withdraw money and head straight for the nearest dog store and buy whatever goodies I feel like eating. With time I might even cajole my owner to get me my own credit card. I have seen how easy it becomes when you have one. Then I can go to the jazziest dog store and have a blast.
Come to think of it, my list can go on and on, but I have been told to stop at 10 things for now. I can’t wait for December and the jingle bells ringing. With my wish list all set for my very own Santa Claus, I have already started my countdown. I am going to be the happiest dog this Christmas with all my wishes set to be fulfilled. And all those who love my kind and me, please come forward and join me in chorus to say “Amen” to that. Soon, I shall call all of you from my mobile and thank you all personally for all your good wishes. Merry X’mas!