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Postal pooches

Good news for all the canine-crazy people. You can now write letters on the first day covers featuring Indian breed four-legged friends. You can even frame the doggies on the envelopes in the form of stamps. What’s new? The Indian sub-continent is the largest conglomeration of various breeds of dogs in the world. Through a […]

A Dog’s Life From my safe vantage point

Till now… Moti was picked up by Golu from his littermates and brought to Brindavan building, where he meets Tiger (another dog), Harichander (the watchman) and Pinto girl. He gets hurt and is disowned. He is driven away from Brindavan and he makes the drain as his home. The Pinto girl is concerned about him […]

What entertainment does my dog like?

Entertainment adds zing to our lives. And while it seems hard to believe, it’s true that the same holds for our dogs. They need to be kept well entertained too! However, their preferences of course are far different from ours. Find out what interest them!!! Can dogs watch television? Yes, dogs do look at the […]

Pet detectives:the nose that knows

For millions of people, pets are more than just animals who share a living space – they are valued family members. And when beloved pets go missing, it is a nightmarish experience. Owners are often confused and do not know where and how to look for their pets. In US, Kat Albrecht runs PHI, which […]

Anna Singh

Anna Singh is one of the most wanted designers in the film industry. She is a costume designer, stylist, fashion designer, columnist for a website, and image consultant, who began her long trek to fame and fortune at a young age of 19. Her sweethearts Einstein and Boy keep her company all the while. Dogs […]

Doggy delights

Zephyr has been enjoying these recipes for over a year, her coat is lovely, her weight ideal and her energy levels are perpetually high. Hope you can delight your doggy too with these recipes. Hi, I’m Parul or as our vet puts it–“Zephyr’s mum”. Zephyr is our 17-month-old German Shepherd (when I put her age […]

Healing Herbalism

More and more pet owners are now resorting to herbal treatment for some common ailments. Dr. Pandey informs how herbalism works and its benefits. Since the past few years, herbalism is gaining importance as an “alternative system of medicine that applies the medicinal values of plants for the maintenance of health.” Herbalism, the holistic approach […]

HOLI HAZARDS! Too wet for Mr. wet nose!!!

This Holi, let’s colour the lives of our canine friends with love, instead of colouring their coats, which is very harmful to them. Festivals are always an occasion to look forward to, and the general spirit is to follow “the more the merrier” path. And with Holi, the festival of colours, just round the corner, […]

When should a pet be vaccinated

As you all know, prevention is always better than cure. To ensure that your pet is healthy and is geared up to fight against infections, ensure that your loving canine is duly vaccinated. Do you know that we are constantly attacked by millions of micro-organisms which inhibit our world? Thus, some means of protection is […]

Cocker Spaniel: a joyful breed

Do you remember the popular mismatch couple in Walt Disney’s ‘Lady & the Tramp?’ The Tramp was a stray and the Lady was a sheltered pure-bred Cocker Spaniel. The most famous scene was when these larger-than-life canines slurped pasta and fell in love. The sensitive and demure Lady projects the true Cocker Spaniel. Anyone who […]