Our furry heartthrobs are not just family, they are more than that. At times they become our whole world. When furry friends are around, there is no day you feel sad and alone. Once they depart from your life you miss their greet you receive whenever you come home. Their love is therapeutic when you feel alone; they hear all your troubles and keep the secret. They are more trustworthy than human friends. When they die your world becomes empty as you miss them and their unconditional love and warmth endless and un-comparable. They are our family and our world—the best companion one can ever have. Best of luck to all those who have furry heartthrobs with them. Love them as much as you can because they have a short life and their maximum time goes waiting for us. So, don’t miss a chance to spend as much as you can with them. Enjoy every moment with the little furry eartthrob who is more than a family.
–Shruti Mehta, Kolkata