Sunday– My special SUNSHINE

This is the story of Sunday – an Indie who is an expert in winning hearts and changed the pandemic lockdown for Sasmit and his family.
-by Sasmit


Don’t we all love Sunday’s? But this one is a bit special, because he taught Sasmit and his family the meaning of true unconditional love.

Sunday – making our life better!

When Sunday was found, he had multiple injuries, his leg was wounded, a part of his ear was bitten off. He was abandoned as a 3-month-old puppy, left on the streets to fend for himself and must’ve been attacked by other dogs.A couple found him while they were walking their pet were kind enough to rescue him and covered all his medical charges. They put him up for adoption via Facebook, and at that time his name was Dobby.

I saw his photo and something just clicked. I just wanted to get him home, but I was in Bombay and my family in Pune weren’t ready for him. Miraculously, the lockdown got imposed and I went back home. We all knew that the lockdown was going to be a long one and I convinced everyone to adopt ‘Dobby’. We drove through the lockdown, got him home, and he’s been our Sunday ever since!I genuinely can’t think of what our lives were like before Sunday.

Adjustment is just another name of life

Sunday was skeptical of everything in the beginning. He had to get used to every single thing. The first week was super chaotic. His sleep schedule was messed up, he used to wake up in the middle of the night and howl, he used to pee around the house, tear stuff, basically created a havoc. But, being an indie he was super smart as well. His training, which seemed like an endless journey because of the sleepless nights and constant correction, lasted only one week. I couldn’t believe that all it took was one week for him to become a good boy…

It takes a little bit of patience, especially with rescues as they carry a lot of trauma and baggage that they have to overcome. But, it’s all worth it. That feeling of being accepted, of being selflessly loved, of saving a life is beyond beautiful and cannot be expressed in words.

Aligning our love language

He is literally a spitting image of me – acts like me, has the exact same attitude. He is the naughtiest brat most of the time but when it comes to serious times, he can be really compassionate and empathetic. He’s extremely emotional. He knows exactly when I’m feeling low and will cuddle up next me and try to comfort me.

He loves each member of the family for different reasons. He loves my mom as she’s the designated treat giver, my dad when it comes to rough play, my sister when it comes to laid-back lazy afternoon cuddles, and he turns to me for adventure time as I keep pushing him out of his comfort zone to make him try new things and experiences every once in a while.

Cheers to those memories etched on heart

There can’t be one favorite memory! But one of the most special ones is his first day in the house – I couldn’t actually believe that I actually had a pet at home. It was quite surreal. It took me almost a year to come to terms with the fact that I am a pet parent now!

He loves road trips. So, our first family road trip with Sunday has to be another favorite memory. We hadn’t traveled as a family in a long time and Sunday made it possible. All of us specifically took out time and made sure we took that trip, and it is one of the fondest travel memories that we all have.

Sunday & sunshine

Sunday loves looking out of the balcony (at least 10-15 times/day) and loves to sunbathe. He is super calm throughout the day, but turns into an absolute ball of energy for an hour every evening. He LOVES car rides! And we love our Sunday!