Take Me Home


This world seemed like a beautiful place
The minute I opened my eyes
I ran across the streets
With the wind rushing past my face
Jumping up and down
Exploring everything I could find
Playing with mama all day long
Until the day she too was gone
Leaving me alone
To fight life on my own
Life has never been the same
From then on
I fast on most of the days
Wondering if that’s in my fate
I sleep on the streets
The noises always disturbing my sleep
The heartless sun and heat
Leave me crumpled like a dry leaf
Those chilly nights and dreadful storm
Send shivers down my spine
I run for life when attacked with sticks and stones
Wondering why this world is so mean
When in pain I am often left alone
Deep down my heart I too crave for a home
If I have a right to live
Then why am I treated like this
If I could ever speak
Would I be accepted in this place
Waging my tail, licking your feet
I try to bring a smile on your face
I can’t talk
But I too have a heart
All I need is a little love
Nothing more than that
If I am not looked upon with scorn
Then why don’t you take me home
–Swati R