healthy Purrs with Purrfect Nutrition


Mitu Paul
‘Ginger Toms’ as cats are adoringly referred to however come with their fair share of health concerns. With a careful selection of diet and dietary supplements, any worry could be laid to rest much in advance.
Purring happiness a delight
Cats, much before they were immortalised by Michele Pliefer or Halley Berry in leather suits, have inhabited this earth for some 4000 years. They have a natural predilection to cognitively and emotionally connect with the human species, and been loved as trusted pets. Feline instincts have forever been symbolised and relativised with feminine traits; hence cats have been an absolute delight and favourite amongst children,especially kids. Nothing feels more comforting than holding these little globes of purring happiness and cuddling with them after a stretched day at work. Health concerns are not generic and very feline in nature given their proclivity of high levels of agility, impeccable vision, longevity of cells, coats and internal system functioning. So, any recommendation should hence be very targeted and focused both on overall health maintenance and correction of an existing/arising concern.
Nurture with right nutrition
Rice-based meals have a high percentage of animal protein (up to 85 percent meat protein from human grade fresh meats) guaranteeing the best nutrients, with easy digestibility and providing a special flavour which together make up for a lip smacking meal for kitties. Find your right nutrition with:
Salmon and rice: Infused with natural anti-oxidants for system detoxification in the form of citrus extracts, chicory root and amino acids, this salmon meat meal is any cat’s favourite. The right balance of Omega 3, Omega 6 and DHA also ensures fur nourishment to a delightful cuddle along with optimal functioning of heart. Advisable for all age cats over 15 months.
Continental chicken with rice: This diet ensures a very potent level of digestibility and includes proteins of high biological value for maximum assimilation. Cats are well known for their keen eyesight. Taurine, an essential amino acid that specifically aims at retinal strength for improved vision is added to this diet. Liver sauce, again ensures that the diet comes with very desirable palpability and the cats take to it with utmost ease.
Chicken with rice: Kittens need a diet that lays a foundation for a strong immune and mechanical system, given cats are such highly agile pets. This is also the pertinent time to provide these little babies with diets that ensures a strong bone framework for them to grow into. With similar high levels of palpability, this diet comes in the form of crispy kibbles in premium taste and flavour. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the form of dehydrated fish and egg yeast are the dietary highlights of this variant. This is recommended for kittens from 1 month to 15 months of age. Gestating and lactating cats also need special care during their tender stage and should be fed kitten food for best health results.
Urinary control chicken: This diet could be a standalone recommendation by the veterinarian or could easily be coupled with any of the aforementioned variants. Renal issues are a very common feline complaint and so we designed this diet to target the PH levels of urine to maintain its desired level of alkalinity and subsequently preventing formation of kidney stones.
Coat and hairball chicken with malt extract: This diet is designed to prevent the occurrence of hairballs in the digestive tract, especially suitable for long-haired breeds. Fibre plants and extracts minimise formation of hairballs. This diet is rich in Linoleic Acid and Biotin for skin and hair radiance and growth. The citrus fruit extracts when added with the diet ensure delayed cell aging.
Light menu: A specially curated meal for obese and sterilised cats, this meal has reduced energy content for weight management issues while protecting the muscle mass. A perfect solution for digestible fibre, which provides the satiety feeling in the felines while helping a good intestinal transit.
Regal best
Cats are so fiercely independent, gracious in their self care ways and confident, let’s pledge to keep them looking regal with best nutrition, so that they live Younger, Fitter and Longer!
(Mitu Paul is Brand Head at Dibaq PetCare India, Mumbai.)