Intas introduces world-class pet hygiene range with a bang!


Intas Pharmaceuticals has recently launched three pet hygiene products, which included Urine-off spray, Zorb it-up! powder and Clean Coat wet wipes. 

URINE-OFF, a nique spray for complete cleaning of odour and stains, is an ideal product for dogs in-house training and cleaning. Urine-Off eliminates the trigger (stains/odour) that causes repeated marking by eliminating all major components of urine, even the oldest and toughest ones. A complete all fabric and surface friendly product a need for every home having a pet. 

While, ZORB IT-UP! powder works on a path-breaking technology that can solidify liquid into hard gel in minutes! This perfect solution amazingly helps to scoop and clean-up unpleasant accidents including vomit, diarrhoea and excessive salivation. It contains special odour counter-actant to eliminate any bad odor caused by spills and leaves surface fragrant. 

CLEAN COAT Bath Wipes are world’s best bathing wipes with unique and advanced features, which are hypo-allergenic, non-perfumed, coat friendly, heavy duty wipes, rendering next generation bathing alternative for pets, including dog and cat. Clean Coat wet wipes keep pets clean and fresh-feeling after outdoors and between bathing intervals. They are very easy and convenient for use during winters, monsoons, after potty clean-ups, sickness and hospitalisation. 

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