Shallu Jindal

Shallu Jindal, a multifaceted personality is full of life always…a dancer, social worker, an avid lover of art, author, and above all a compassionate pooch pal, she plays diverse roles with aplomb. When we tried to explore her canine connections more… she brimmed with unconditional love for her pooch – Chester.

Donning many hats
New Delhi-based Shallu Jindal is a multi-talented and well-known personality. She has authored an impressive book titled Tiranga: A Celebration of the National Flag. She was also awarded the coveted ‘Indira Gandhi Priyadarshani Award 2007’ for her achievements in the field of Indian classical dance ‘Kuchipudi’ and her contributions in the field of art, culture, education and community development.
As the vice president of the Flag Foundation of India, the president of Openspace Jindal Foundation for Development, programme committee chairperson of Yuva Samagam, she has been promoting various art forms and welfare, development programme in India and abroad. She is also the founder president of the Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO). She is married to Naveen Jindal, one of the most articulate young Lok Sabha members and a leading steel baron.
Drawing her inspiration from icons like Winston Churchill and Ramakrishna Paramhans, she spends a significant part of her time working on connected issues like women empowerment, education, sanitation and water. And she has been contributing positively to animal welfare as well.
Once a dog lover…
always a dog lover

Like most of us, Shallu also feels that pooch love is contagious…it spreads really fast. That is the reason she always had a pet throughout her life and she fondly remembers her first pet, “My first pet was a white Pomeranian – Lucy. She introduced me to this wonderful world of doggy delights. And till now I have three pets with whom I have numerous memories of love and companionship.”
East or west…Tipsy’s the best
A pet companion brightens up our lives…there are always moments which are close to our hearts. “My Lhasa Apso pet called Tipsy is my best pooch pal. I like her the most. There are many special incidents which make me smile even today. She used to wait for me night and day and follow me around the house or in the garden. In fact, she even slept with me,” adds Shallu smiling.
One special antic, which she fondly remembers and cherishes, is worth a mention. “When I used to give a treat to a dog, she would go crazy trying to get it from me,” she adds.
Sharing and caring…together
These days, Shallu is sharing her furry bond with Chester – a Shih Tzu and feels lucky to have such a wonderful furry angel. So, what’s her favourite pastime with him, “We both go for a walk in Lodi Garden and for Polo. And we both love each other’s companionship.”
“I simply love his loyalty; I feel all dogs are truly a man’s best friend, and we are lucky to be blessed with their love. We both form a mutual admiration club, as he also loves me a lot. Chester really loves my presence and being with me – he is really happy when I cuddle and tickle him.”
Hurray! Hurray!
It’s a holy holiday

Shallu is a wonderful pooch parent and she never misses a chance to take her pets on a vacation. And she loves all such memorable experiences, it is like a yearly ritual for them and she explains, “Yes, I do take Chester to vacations but only within India. We also took our dog Chester to Hissar in Haryana for Diwali. He even joined us in the Diwali puja. When we take him out with us, he just loves it.”
Food for furs…
Being a responsible pooch parent, she takes good care of her pet’s exercise and nutrition needs. And she shares, “I keep consulting with his vet on a regular basis for a well-balanced nutritional diet and of course for any health problems.”
Message to pet parents…
“I believe the most important thing is to love your pet like your own child. That’s what I do and everything else follows,” she concludes.