Angels don’t have wings… they have paws!


Hurt? Forlorn? Depressed? Just because the love of your life has gone away, does not means the end of life. Rediscover the love of your life – the happy-go-lucky tailwagger, who can not only help you cope with your loss but also give you unconditional love for life.

Jigyasa Mishra

It’s quite peculiar that how suddenly people change their minds and thoughts. Someone who is close to you, just drifts apart with no fault of yours and you become prisoner of your own thoughts. Stop seeking sympathy. Singing out your sad story (whatever it be) to your pals is a big NO-NO, as they have theirs to handle too. And the most important, stay away from those senti updates on social media sites. They will give your so-called friends a gossip topic and make you look boring virtually, which you actually ain’t. You’ve got one life, so better celebrate it instead of punishing yourself for something you haven’t done.

Take a break from your regular routine and make time for your likes and hobbies. Variegate the canvas you have not touched of late or if you prefer capturing, take out the cam and set for your place. If you’re a book worm, a handful of great collection is waiting for you in the store or if you want to vomit out the stuff you’ve been cooking inside, pen it down. For a change, visiting a friend you have not seen of late is also not a bad idea. Surprise them. Spread some love and you will get back more in return. Stop thinking about the one who knocked you off, instead, think of those who have been by your side in your blues days, someone whom you share all what happens to you with. Thank them. And if you really don’t have any such person in your life, chill, there’s still a hope. Get a pet! Yes, you read it right. Whatever you like, any bird, kitten or a pup is at the rescue all the time. Angels don’t always have wings, they have paws. Shower them with love and in return you will get all that you need – a friend for life.
You can be you with them. No change needed. You need not to dress their way, rather stay messed up with them and they will love it too. They are innocent, pure hearts who know no hatred. They will comfort you when you’re down, will jump in your happiness and when you shout at them, they will leave you in guilt just by their innocent looks and twinkling eyes.
You can cuddle them anytime. They will be there, listening to all your talks, giving you wet kisses. Tell them all that happened with you. In the end, that’s what it’s about. Love is not about the money or good looks. Discover that kind of love. They won’t leave you. Their soft touches, licks, cuddles, cute looks and the sparkling eyes will define you the actual meaning of unconditional love. Make them a part of your life and they will make you forget everything else.
So, let thyself experience this beautiful feeling and nurture that little creature too. Watch them walking by their tiny, soft paws. Observe every little step they take to reach you. When they lick your feet and try to climb up your legs, pick them up and tell you love them. Play some music, turn the volume up and dance. Dance like never done before, like nobody is watching you. Your little baby will enjoy it even if you are a worst dancer. And this feeling, my friend, will make you feel on the top. Listen to that inner voice shouting at you-’Yes, this is something. I am happy. I am loving it. I am complete and I really don’t need anybody else now!’ Celebrate this moment. They make you responsible, more than you’ve ever been. And the day tears roll down your eyes on seeing them getting hurt, CONGRATULATIONS DARLING! You have found the love of your life.

Finding true love!

“Break up?? But I love you…” It had been three weeks since I got any contact from him…He did not talk to me… He never

Dr Aishwarya and Bambi

wanted to pick my call… He was with someone else… I felt helpless. I just fell over my bed. Thankfully… ( I must say) I forgot to lock the door of my room. I just buried my face in my pillow and years of what I thought was love just melted down as a river of tears…wetting my pillow like sinking sand. The same sinking feeling I felt, like I was not worthy of love…

like I was not good looking enough, rich enough or lovable at all. I felt my heart turning cold like ice, when suddenly… I felt a gush of warm air.
When I looked up, my heart just melted…there she was.. .my baby… Bambi. She looked at me with wide open eyes. Her eyes in fact looked wet, with a shine that she knew what exactly I was going through. She put her soft tiny paws over my face and gave me a soft, warm, wet slurpy lick and she forced her teeny tiny furry head next to my cheek, over that wet pillow.
At that moment, I knew, when someone so innocent could love me so much… I must deserve better. I realised that words, money, looks, clothes… did not matter if it was TRUE LOVE. That was exactly the kind of love… this little puppy had for me. I never looked back ever after that day. Me and Bambi have grown together and I can’t imagine a day without her in my life. Her love is so pure, untainted and faithful. I would like to re-quote that “Behind every successful girl there is an adorable pet.”

–Dr Aishwarya R, Bengaluru

Bring home the love of your life

Hurt? Forlorn? Feeling down?
Silly you! Your fault, it must have been.
C’mon now, stop looking for sympathy
And give thyself some self-help

Can’t forget?
Go get a pet.
They’ll arrive for ‘all love and nothing else’
They won’t want you to dress accordingly
Rather, they’ll love you unconditionally.
Don’t say you lost in love,
Instead, discover this love to raise above.
Show ‘em a concern, give ‘em some time
In return, they’ll owe you all their life
Experience soft touches, cuddles, wet
kisses and that twinkling eye
They’ll make you forget everything else,
need not to tell why.
Don’t bother if nobody noticed your tears,
Love the one who will always be yours.
Get one from the nearest street.
Don’t look for a particular breed.
Or a brand to show-off your need?
Make a decision. Move on.
Let that little creature define you ‘love’.
Step out.
Bring home the love of your life.
-Jigyasa Mishra