Eternal love…


It was a heavenly sight; six adorable, puffy balls were rolling on each other. The proud mother was licking them, turn by turn. Amongst these cute creatures was lying our bundle of joy – Rossie! My uncle instantly picked her up and asked his friend, if he could give this female Pomeranian to him, forever. Willingly, he agreed.
Rossie had a lusturous black coat, sprawling big eyes, button-like nose and a charming attitude. My grandmother welcomed this newcomer as all her children had grown up and she had nobody to get involved in.
With the time, Rossie became her shadow; to such an extent that grandma had to take her to her relatives’ house to Moradabad, whenever she visited them. As time passed, my grandmother’s hair turned grey and Rossie’s coat turned dull. What remained constant was their unconditional love.
Finally, the black day arrived. Rossie breathed her last in my grandmother’s lap. My grief-stricken grandmother did not cook or eat for days. Her death had created a void in every family member’s life that was hard to fill.
Since my early childhood, I had been hearing about Rossie through my grandmother. Being an adamant animal lover, somewhere inside my heart, I felt connected to Rossie deeply. I was moved by the touching demise of this pet and was determined to bring a new companion for myself and my grandmother and today we are blessed with Mischief. Though he cannot fill the void created by Rossie, he has become an inseparable part of our life.
–Kanupriya Agarwal, New Delhi