Dogs & Pups workshop at Maharaja Agarsain Public School in Delhi


‘Friends 4Ever’ is an interactive and fun workshop for children by Dogs & Pups to sensitise children about dogs—our friends forever. Latest edition of the workshop was organised at Maharaja Agarsain Public School in Ashok Vihar, Delhi.
Main objective of the ‘Friends 4Ever’ workshop is to teach children to be safe around dogs and become aware of special qualities and needs of the furry companions. Children at ‘Friends 4Ever’ get the opportunity to understand why this beautiful relationship between us and dogs is important. Compassion, Community Awareness, Friendship, Self Esteem, Emotional Support and Responsibility are what school children learn during the workshops. Here are some feedbacks from the school children from Maharaja Agarsain Public School who recently attended the ‘Friends 4Ever’ workshop in their school.
1. “In the workshop we have learnt a lot about the various breeds and the great work dogs do” – Ayush, Class VIII
2. “I’m totally impressed by the Dogs & Pups team’s presentation that gives us knowledge of diverse breeds of dogs. Above all, the workshop was a lot fun.” – Tanisha Gupta, Class VIII
3. “The workshop is amazing. It teaches us about human-dog relationship and what dogs can do for us.” –Vardoom, Class VI
4. “What I learnt from this workshop is that we should understand dogs from their body language. They should be kept with love. They should not be chained.” – Ujjawal, Class VI
5. “It’s great experience to be part of the workshop. Earlier I used to have a Pug who died in an accident. I’ll surely adopt one and use these tips I learnt from the workshop to nurture him.”
– Taysha Goel, VI
6. “The workshop is quite interactive with full of information and facts about dogs that we never knew before.” Chesta Goel, Class VIII
7. “Dogs are multi-talented pet animal; they can have a beautiful bond with us; even they can rescue us from danger. I learn all this from the workshop.” – Naman Bansal, Class VII
8. “The workshop teaches us about dogs as they can be rescuers, therapists, guides and much more. Also, we learn about talented dogs who can care, dance and surf.” – Pranay Sharma, Class VII
9. “Various important things about dog are taught during this workshop by Dogs & Pups magazine team. We learnt about their body language and how to be kind to them” – Kaushik Shah, Class VII
10. “This workshop is like a big fact file of dogs. It teaches us about different talents of dog, including agility, hearing, sniffing and more talents.” – Dakshay, Class VII
11. “Most importantly we lean the ways to deal with dogs in the workshop.” – Vishesh, Class…
12. “During this unique workshop I learnt a lot about different breeds, their nature and agility levels.” – Samarth Gupta, Class…
13. “This workshop by Dogs & Pups is filled with fun and knowledge about dogs.” – Harshit, Class…
14. “First of all, this workshop taught us to interact with ‘dog beings’ their amazing abilities.” – Somya Bansal, Class…
15. “I learnt a lot of positive things about dogs during the workshop.” – Sanchay, Class…
16. “This workshop gave me a chance to know about different breeds.” – Gauraang, Class VIII
17. “This is really a wonderful workshop which taught me a lot about what dogs need, including their food, exercise, training, vaccinations, grooming, bond and many other things.” – Madhur Yadav, Class…