Virat Kohli

A successful, dynamic and good looking cricketer naturally becomes a youth icon and if he’s a compassionate animal lover too, we will take no time to sniff him out. Meet Virat Kohli, who’s known for his immense courage and firehouse passion. His personality transcends through to his game which is level headed yet attacking. And when he’s not running for runs…he loves to run around with Bruno, his pet pooch. Read on to know more about Virat’s doggy delights.

With a penchant for rising to the occasion and meeting expectations, Virat Kohli never appears to buckle under pressure and it is this trait, amongst many others, that allowed him to lead the Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2008 team all the way to victory…and since then there’s no looking back. He’s one of the leading team members of the Indian cricket team. Besides cricket, the other thing that he has enjoyed since childhood is pet companionship. Here’s more on his pooch love.

First affair!

Virat Kohli

On asking about his first pet, Virat fondly replied, “Since childhood I always had a pet. My first pet was a white Pomeranian and both me and my brother were very fond of her. After that, we had a golden Labrador Retriever named Rico. Today, I am blessed with Bruno, a Beagle.” On asking about his favourite pet, Virat replied diplomatically, “I am equally fond of all my pets; they all are so special to me in their own ways. It was great fun to be with all of them.”

Poochie moments!

Reminiscing the precious moments spent with his pets, Virat added, “I loved to throw a ball to Rico and watch him fetch…we could play together for hours. It was a wonderful camaraderie. And Bruno, my three-year-old Beagle, is an extremely friendly dog. He is a power house of energy, always buzzing with activities.”

Bruno’s special antic is an instant reliever to him, after a long and tiring cricketing season in fields, “When I come back home after a match, or a tour, Bruno is the first one to greet me and jump all over me. He is truly a bundle of joy.”

Time out!

According to Virat, they are the most loyal and loving companions that a person can have and he makes sure to spend quality time with them. On asking how he spends time with his furry angel, he replied, “I take him out for walks and runs whenever I can. I love spoiling him with treats occasionally. And I also take him out on weekend trips. Once, we took our pet with us up on a drive to Mussoorie, and he loved the wind on his face!

He had his head out of the window for most of the drive. There are many more memorable moments together.”

Fun ‘n’ food!

Being a sportsperson, one needs to be extra careful about diet and nutritional requirements and Virat is equally concerned about his pet’s needs as well. “Bruno is fed the best dog food in the market, supplemented by home-cooked food with paneer and vegetables. I make sure that he goes for three walks a day. He is not a fussy eater; in fact, he eats everything that you give him!”

Pawfect pet parent!

On a concluding note, Virat shared, “Pet parents should be responsible towards their pets’ needs. They should feed their pets on time. Grooming pets everyday is essential for their good health. Besides, regular checkups at the vet will ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy. So, be a perfect pet parent to the more-than-perfect pooch.”


Favourite activity together: Walks!
Qualities you love in your pooch: Very loving and friendly.
Funny/crazy antics: Chasing his tail!
Special treat: A drive with the windows rolled half-way down, so he can feel the breeze.