Conversation starters


Our furry friends are considered to be the best conversation starters who help their human friends know each other. There are instances of people even getting married through conversations started by their pooches. Let’s find out how it happened!
Dogs are man’s best friends. I’m sure that many a time you must have come across this term. But have you ever heard of people saying ‘Dogs are best conversation starters’? Let me tell you why. On your daily walk to the park, give a little attention to fellow walkers who come along with their dogs. You will notice that they are the ones who exchange the most number of ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ and they are the people who wear smiles permanently even with sweats dripping down their jaw lines as they exercise. Dogs, irrespective of their breeds and looks, tend to attract conversations. Being a canine companion, I have made friends with people who have approached me just to pat my dog. I also know a couple who fell in love and got married through these ‘doggie’ conversations.
Wedding planners…
Sarika was a weight conscious woman who bought a dog, Cujo, thinking that the pet will motivate her to go on daily walk and also be a companion to her lonely life. Companion and motivation had certainly been what Cujo turned out to be. One day, on their regular high-intensity walk, Sarika noticed an average looking, trying-hard-to-exercise guy, jogging passed her. On the third day when they crossed paths, the guy (Manoj) shouted out a “Hey!” With knitted eyebrows, Sarika shot back a look and said, “Do I know you?” Pat came the reply, “No, but I was talking to your dog, what’s his name?” “Ask her directly”, said Sarika. But even before she realised, Cujo was wagging her tail and extended the handshake for friendship. With another exercising companion, Sarika, Manoj and Cujo cemented their relationship…three years later; Manoj and Sarika are happily married and Cujo stands as a testimonial for conversation starter.
There are many instances where pet owners would use ‘doggie’ topics to break the ice. Vivek, a running enthusiast said, “One has to note the body language of their pet as well. I remember my daily walks with my German Shepherds, Sheeba. None of the girls would want to talk to me for the fear of Sheeba, but now I have a cute Cocker Spaniel, Goldy and when she is with me, I have more people talking to me because she is super friendly…and yes I have loads of walk friends now, that too girls! (winks). But I still maintain that Sheeba was a super dog.”
No more loneliness…
Loneliness is the first thing that will be ruled out once a dog steps in to your life. From single people to families with children to everyone with dogs in their lives show willingness to get out there and make friends and may be smile at strangers.
Adolf Hitler too had a dog named Blondi. The dictator that he was, he also felt the need of having a companion, someone more than his human followers. Hitler was very fond of Blondi, keeping her by his side and allowing her to sleep in his bedroom in the bunker, the affection not even shared by his girlfriend. It was learnt that Hitler would talk to Blondi on a day-to-day basis.
Recollecting how she made friends for life because of a dog, Saina, a PR professional said, “I used to live in an apartment and being a single woman I didn’t go out to make friends, I used to notice a Rottweilers in my neighbourhood. As I had been wondering about the furry friend’s owner, one day I met someone talking about the dog whose name was Tiger. Tiger was the sole reason for us to start a conversation and we have been best friends since then.”
So, next time you hear a greeting directed at you when you are accompanied by your dog or if you make friends with like-minded people through such conversation, don’t forget to give your dog a much deserved tight hug. It’s good for your soul.