Nikita Rasania
Happiness is our birth right. So claim it. Don’t hustle or struggle for it. Life is meant to be lived. As a pet parent, I have learnt how beautiful life is. Trust the process and everything will fall into place. And for all the bad days, you can always cuddle your pet! –by Nikita Rasania
Having a pet is such a joyous experience. Every day is a new challenge and you learn something new. As pet parents you might be teaching tricks to your furry friend, but there’s so much that they teach us.
1. Love like there is no tomorrow
Canines are the best example of demonstrating love. They are always full of love. As a pet parent, I experience it daily the loving greetings by my pet, sniffing and wet the kisses. Even though I am out for only five minutes still I’ll be greeted by him as if we’re meeting after hours. Dogs are so honest about love and expressing their love. They don’t miss any moment to love. As humans, we should learn to be very expressive and kind, just like our pets.
2. Believe and you’re halfway there
In Carl Jung’s words, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I AM, then I can change.” Don’t change people or world around you, change yourself! Our dogs have good high esteem that makes them friendly and open to all new encounters. Even if they sense danger around, they know what to do. No matter what lies ahead. You’ll be taken care well! Be fearless folks.
3.Live in the NOW
For your pet, each day is a new beginning. They welcome it with celebration, zeal, and love. And most importantly, they live in the NOW. Something we need to master as humans. You must have found yourself either living in the past or having thoughts about the future. Rarely, we breathe in the now. Even when we take our friend for walks, that time too, we’re unconsciously engaged in our thoughts of past or future. Our pets sniff around, observe, enjoy and jump with enthusiasm to anything new that comes around. So, let’s breathe in the NOW. Dive into the stream of consciousness. That’s where real life happens!!
4.Trust your heart, it knows the way
Without a shadow of doubt, we can claim that for our pets we are their world (the same is for us too). They trust us and know that we’ll do the best for them. But have you ever noticed that each time before you give any treat, your pooch sniffs and investigates properly and then consumes it. This could be their ingrained reflex (similar ability in us too) but the lesson is to trust yourself. Also your pets have ability to sense danger just like our subconscious ability to perceive threat. Many times our instincts give us a clear message, a loud call in fact but seldom we listen. Trust yourself and your instincts!
5. Be’you’tiful in your own way – Express yourself and be proud
Your pet is never afraid to express himself. Be it love, affection, anger or sadness. They express their emotions just as it is. They never pretend. No resistance, no denial, no drama. When they find you petting another pet, they immediately show their grief or anger and when not taken out to play, they show their agitation.
Expressing your emotions in a healthy manner is so helpful. If you love someone then say it and don’t hesitate. Either you’ll be accepted or you’ll discover something amazing about yourself. It’s a win-win situation! Leave no place for regrets.
6.There’s no age to learning
Pets need to be trained and disciplined well. But that cannot happen if they aren’t cooperative and open to new adventures. It is so encouraging to see how dogs are so open to new learning and tricks. The same is true for discipline as well. We too, must be open to learning, be it from life and others. Be open to feedback and compassionately deal with criticisms. Develop an ability to be an empathetic listener (like our pets) and respond well to life. Openness of mind and heart are essential to let the plan of the God happen in your life and wonders to be manifested for you.
7. Time is ticking, but you need to slow down
We humans seem to always be running out of time. We all have the same 24 hours but sometimes time management becomes difficult. That’s when you turn to your canine teacher. They are a pro at time management. Getting up right when it’s time for a walk or food! Ready to go for a play session whenever you ask with the same enthusiasm and always ready for a nap. Well we don’t have to do the same, but all we have to do train our mind and mould our habits to get it all in place.
8. Mantra for life – show unconditional positive regard
So, when you know who you are and trust yourself fully, you show unconditional positive regard to yourself, others and every situation or circumstance you could encounter. Accept the situation and then work towards finding a feasible solution.
9. Welcomes NEW in life
Your pet will lick the wounds to heal them and shed off the old coat to get new hair! They know that when you get rid of something, it makes place for a new element. Learn from your pet to shake off your fears, wrap yourself in a blanket (during blues days), shed it all away (people or situation, anything unpleasant), de-clutter and dive into new life!
10. Work-Life balance…more like Play-Rest balance
For your pets, life is really simple. Play, eat, and rest! They play with themselves and rest well. We too, can do the same. Play like a child (I mean give yourself permission to be that creative enough), do what you love and rest often. Don’t complicate your life with your ability to overanalyse or complicate things. Enjoy simple slow living, just like a warm hug by your pet.
11. Practice makes man, errr, everyone perfect
You’re good enough, but there’s always room for improvement. With practice you can master any skill or habit, so go on choose what makes you happy and good for your soul. Learn from the soulful looks and the momo stealing tactics your K-9 must be a master at.
12. Self care is the best: Give time to yourself
You mean the world to your pet. They love to spend time with you, cuddle, and be spoilt by you. But it’s also true that your pets take time off, and so should you. Steal some moments of calm from your busy schedule and connect with your soul. Know what’s bothering you, what can be overcome! Just sit down, shut up and listen. All wisdom lies within! Love more and more. Shower your kindness upon others. Be grateful for small joys. Forgive quickly (so you don’t risk wrinkles) and forget. Your peace of mind is most precious, so let it go.