Celebrations Galore– Fun ways to celebrate the holidays with your pets


Kritika Manchanda
2020 has been a tough year nd we are hoping to see a brighter and healthier future. Here’s celebrating unconditional love in the festive spirit for our 99th issue. Bundle up with a hot chocolate and doggie snuggles because ‘tis the season for joy and merrymaking.  –by Kritika Manchanda

The holiday season always brings cheer and happiness. But this year when things are a little slow, why not celebrate with your beloved furry friends at the safety of your home. These affordable ways will save you money but are high on fun and enjoyment! So let’s start.

Mastefchef feels on point – make treats at home
When you’re enjoying winter treats and Christmas treats, why should your pet left behind? If you feel buying treats from the market is not safe or is expensive, then now is the time to experiment and put those cooking lessons into action.

Search for easy and delicious pet-friendly treat recipes online and make it a fun activity. Involve your kids and pets and it’ll be a wonderful family time to strengthen your bond. And of course the bonus points that your pets will shower you with!

Sunny side up!
Enjoy the crisp winter sun and cool breeze with your best play-date! Leave the worries of the world behind and go for long drives. Your favourite music playing, windows rolled down, wind through your hair, and your pet with you – that’s how I spell bliss! You can also enjoy play time in the sun, or if you feel comfortable you can take your pet to various pet-friendly cafés in your city for some festive fun.

Luxury of doing nothing
With so much happening in our life, sometimes it is good to pause and appreciate the small joys of life. Take a couple of days off work and enjoy doing nothing with your pet. Snuggle up in a blanket, soak up the sun, eat your favourite meals, read beside the Christmas tree (or if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace), and just take it slow!

Movie night-in – sounds like the pawfect plan
The idea of partying has completely changed in 2020. But that doesn’t mean you have to put a full-stop to meeting friends and celebrating life. A house party is a great way to meet your human friends and your pet’s canine friends. Call your friends and their pets over and enjoy a movie night-in. Lots of fun, that’s a good investment!

Spa day at home
Don’t we all love those pamper days at the spa? Well, that seems to be on hold considering the current situation. But love and pampering at home is always available in abundance. Get a few aromatherapy essential oils for yourself and some pet friendly ones and enjoy a spa day at home with your pet. Relax with a cup of tea, calming music, give yourself a soothing oil massage, and give your pet a nice relaxing massage with lots of cuddles. De-stress and get those chakras healing to be ready for the new year with new hopes!

Wanderlust love, but with precautions
Plan a short road trip with your family, close friends, or your pet and get away from the mundane routine. It’ll be such a nice breather for you and your pets. And the best part is that you can be safe in your own car and save money as well (because let’s face it, this year and finances have not been in a cordial relationship!)

Reel it, feel it
Social media has been our go-to therapy throughout lockdown and even now! Make use of all the new features on Instagram and various other social networking platforms and transform your pet into an internet sensation. Make small videos, enjoy with filters, put up home videos on YouTube – the options are endless.

Use these ideas to make this holiday season a lot more special for yourself and your pets. You might not realise that your pets have also gone through so many ups and downs in their emotions, it is time to unwind. Happy holidays!