Pawssionate Parenting Prevails Constantly!


Kiko & Karishma
Love being the only constant during the pandemic our readers talk about their crazy canine love in our special 102nd Issue.
From life lessons to change in their body language, our pets have helped us sail through the pandemic in many ways. Pets have been a savior during the pandemic giving us hope, joy, and of course cuddles when needed the most!

Leeza’s captivating Casper
Lockdown memories are about food, and when we were all at home, food brought a lot of comfort. And when you have a canine companion to share, it’s all the more enjoyable. “I share food with my pet and am glad he isn’t a fussy eater. He is such a foodie, just like me,” says Leeza. Our pets are always teaching us something and with Casper, Leeza followed the golden rule of eating when bored and sleeping without any worries! Being our constant modes of enthusiasm, our pets never leave a chance to woo us! With Casper it is lots of jumping and tail wagging, especially when I am in the kitchen.

Morning starts with his wet nose and a morning kiss and the day ends with his face lick and good night kisses! The thread of love are – napping, enjoying delish food, and playing. Even though I sometimes argue with Casper, but we do patch up and then watch his favourite cartoon Doraemon together, shares Leeza

Karishma’s karismatic Kiko
Kiko enjoyed the lockdown with his darling mom. Lessons learnt from Kiko are truly valuable, she shares, “Sleep when stressed, stick to a routine and enjoying ‘me time’ is really important.” After a fulfilling play session of hide-n-seek, it’s time for cuddle session that fortunately has no ‘time over’…., she laughs.

Ranjeeta’s love in the times of corona
“My furry babies are 12 years old senior citizens. And the amount of love they have given can never be returned by me in this life. Every time they put their heads on my lap or my feet and sleep I know I am blessed to have their love and trust,” says Ranjeeta, adding, “I feel tea time is incomplete without some biscuits, and my pets totally agree.”

Ranjeeta continues, “There was no shortage of hugs for them and I got ample of face licks. Also this was the time when we made new pawsome friends. Now two strays feed at my place too.”

Richa & her Jack of heart
The more I get to know Jack the more I fall in love with him. The time true spent together strengthened the bond, says Richa. She adds, “We shared lots of love and sailed through this tough time together.”

Fun unlimited with our canine companions
Being lazy, angry, and our love for food were the highlights, says Navneet Kaur. The pandemic taught me that I cherish spending time with my pet. Our game of chase was such a good workout for both of us!

Deeti Chatterjee says, “I am a teacher by profession and spent a lot of time together with my pet Gracie during the pandemic. Apart from the online classes we played, ate and had fun together.”

“My Cookie loves to play fetch and I catch him when he’s running.

After a fulfilling play session SpongeBob is his favourite cartoon to watch,” shares Bonita and Vickey Ramdat.

“My gang loves playing hide-n-seek among themselves!
It’s a treat to watch them all have fun,” says Preeti Iyenger.
Royalty’s throne with a hint of sleeping beauty
Leeza — On my lap and on his beds
Karishma — Snuggled with me
Richa – On his couch
Sumitha – On my lap
Mona – Snuggled with me inside the blanket.
Arpita – On my bed
Avilash – On my leg
Shanu – With me in the same blanket!
Favourite magic words!
Anitha – Olive, let’s go for a car ride!
Leeza – Chiji (Treat), ChewStick, chalo, ghumiiii, and bone
Deeti – Jabi? (Asking for going out) Hearing this word she reacts in such a happy way!
Alka – Chalo car mein chalein.
Diya – Search Ball… She loves her ball and immediately goes to get it…
If I say tata (bye) she jumps and stops me from going out.
Swapandeep– Ghummi and cheezi are two of his favorite words
Oshin – “Chalo”
Richa – Dudu (for milk)
Annu– Kissi …. A hug