17 Promises of Unconditional Love and Friendship Forever


Adhiraj Bakshi
This is a roller coaster story of a tiny pet who invaded our hearts and then ruled forever. He came to our home and made it his. Meet Caddy – our 3-year-old Beagle who still thinks he is a puppy and is the apple of the eye of everyone at home. In that tiny basket that he came in, he bought with himself the promise of unconditional love and friendship forever. –by Adhiraj Bakshi
Celebrate this 17th Anniversary Issue of Dogs & Pups with these 17 reasons in which Caddy has taught us the meaning of love!

1. Do we have a squirrel or a dog?

When it comes to fruits and vegetables Caddy is a smell expert. He loves their fragrance and his favourite is tomato. He plays with his food (thinking tomato is his ball). Barring the tomato, all other fruits and vegetables are given lots of sniffs, picked gently, and thrown really fast so that he can pretend the remnants are nowhere to be found.

2. Sneeze bug
This is a little confusing. The way Caddy sneezes if he does not like something amazes me. Sometimes I think he might be allergic, the other times I think it’s his way of showing disinterest….

3. Those puppy eyes
Shoes, slippers, socks, cushion missing! And then the walk of a guilty soul with those gorgeous innocent big eyes. It’s been three years and we still haven’t found a cure to this tiny but lovable sock monster who eats up all the shoes and socks without any guilt.

4. Water warrior
Each evening as I water the garden, the savior comes to the rescue. Every spray and every drizzle is chased by our brave soldier. Getting wet and then splashing water by shaking is all part of the act.

5. This territory belongs to him
Be it a cat, a pigeon, plants, or even a butterfly all are chased away from our water spraying furry friend. He bounces and chases every mortal species, and nibbles at every leaf. Only then is he ready to walk majestically.

6. Scaredy cat in disguise
The warrior prances and walks and then all imaginary invaders are barked at long and hard. And then a plastic rustle, a noise, or seeing the golf kit next to the door, gets him chasing back, barking in horror at the imaginary monsters. Well, one day our dog will become brave.

7. My workout buddy
When I am busy with my work or am just about to doze off, Caddy jumps and continues to scratch me till I agree to take him out for yet another sniffing adventure. Well, now you know my exercise in this confined world.

8. The king of our little world
Caddy thinks he owns the world and here comes along some other Indie dogs pretending they own the roads of our locality. So of course, he yelps and barks at them, making them realise who the king is. To his defense I go out with a stick and my teenage Ninja tactics!

9. Confused tail theory
Any emotion and his tail wags. Yes, he wags it in anger and while growling as well. And when the tail is rigid, we know he is ready to chase an innocent cat or bird away!

10. The snoozer
Caddy can sleep anywhere and anytime. He snores, dreams, and growls when asleep too. He seems to be running too, as his hind leg may suddenly and continually move while he is in his dream world.

11. Slurps and eats
He has a bottomless pit in the place of his stomach and his appetite is beyond words. It is difficult to keep him scheduled for three feeds a day. He is hungry and many times ‘hangry-hungry and angry’.

12. Sleeping beauty
Beds, sofas, chairs, cushions, the hanging blanket, any and every place is ideal resting ground for Caddy. Our doggie can sleep for long in between his naps and that’s his real talent.

13. Toy snatcher to ball catcher
Caddy is a playful dog and along with his toys which are ripped apart, he is a toy snatcher. My younger siblings’ toys are usurped by Cad and God forbid if a cricket ball, basketball, football comes in the garden, he grabsthem. At one time we had 11 balls hidden behind the swing and palm plants, by our fur thief. And mind you, nobody can retrieve them, expect Caddy himself.

14. Love me too
Mom cannot hug any of us as Caddy believes all hugs, cuddles and pats are for him. He squishes us all and wants to be the center of attention.

15. A constant companion
We never cribbed when we were homebound even during the tough Covid times. Caddy is like my younger sibling and my companion. He plays with me, spends so much time with me, and even loves music. When we dance to music, he runs around us in circles with his toy.

16. The ‘paw’fect host
If anyone visits us, he wants us out of the way as he believes every person is his personal guest and he the host. He sits by their side, gently prodding them to pat him and sneakily asking them to pass him some treats.

17. Treat me to massages
Caddy dislikes a bath but brushing and massages are his favourite. He is so relaxed when being brushed that he cuddles and sleeps for longer hours post his massage and brushing.

Being entitled is the perfect description for our dog. Caddy has had a long journey with my family, and I will miss him when I am off to college next year. For now, we are partners on walks, in his play sessions, and sneaking him treats!

(Adhiraj Bakshi is grade 12th student at Pathways School, Noida, where he holds the leadership position as interact treasurer. MUN (Model United Nations) debates help him express his views on various global issues. He is an avid golfer, a passionate drummer, an amateur chess player, and a responsible pet parent)