Let the odour go


How do we get to keep your buddy indoor sans the hair and the odour? Well, just a few tips and a slight change in interiors can help you keep your home smelling fresh and clean even during the dreaded hair-shedding season.
No matter how much we scrub, shampoo and house-train our furry friends, we simply cannot escape doggie hair strewn over the sofa and a distinct smell in the house that screams ‘POOCH’. While dog lovers hardly seem to mind it, it may deter certain guests from visiting you often. Here’s how to keep your home clean and odour-free. 
Carpet care
Try your best to keep pets away from carpeted rooms as carpets tend to soak in odours. If this does not seem like a practical option, keep your rugs rolled up and lay them out only at specific occasions. Wall-to-wall carpets need daily vacuum cleaning when you have pets around. Sprinkle some baking soda, leave it overnight and vacuum clean it the next day – this will help neutralise carpet odours. A steam cleaner might be a great investment if you have a fully carpeted house and more than one dog.
Choose pooch-friendly furniture
Velvety upholstery attracts hair, dandruff and smells. When you have dogs indoors, switch over to easy-to-wipe surfaces like leather or Rexene. These materials do not soak in drool or odours and since they are not as cosy as cloth or velvet, your pet is not very likely to perch on them regularly. Moreover, you can easily clean them using a duster and a deodorizing spray. Also, don’t forget to provide your pooch with a chewing toy so that he does not attempt to gnaw on furniture. You can consider rubbing quinine or neem oil on wooden furniture to deter him from chewing upon it.
Let the bathing beauty dry completely
Never let your pooch roam around the house straight after a bath or you will have that wet doggie smell all over which is extremely difficult to get rid of. Make sure you dry him up with a hair-dryer along with a mild deodorising spray/powder (available at most pet shops). It is also important to remember that flea-infested dogs tend to smell more, so make sure your pet is free from any pests.
Bed and linen care
If you happen to allow your pet on the bed, choose smooth fabrics like glazed cotton or thick satin for bed sheets. These are easier to dust off and will suffer lesser damage as compared to fancy, embroideried covers. Opt for low-maintenance fabrics that do not require expensive dry-cleaning or specialised laundry services. Get your bed sheets/covers washed frequently. You can also add baking soda to your regular detergent for fresh smelling clothes.
Be swift with the mop
If you happen to encounter an ‘accident’ like poop, vomit or pee, don’t let the mess sit around for long. Scoop it up pronto and wipe the place with a floor-cleaning liquid or vinegar before the stench begins to spread. Mop the house twice a day with phenyl or other anti-bacterial cleaners to neutralize any residual odours.
Create your pooch’s own space
Place your pet’s bedding at a location where he has some privacy. A daily dusting/cleaning/brushing of his bedding is a must. Also you can put his bedding in sunlight for sometime. Ensure that you wash his bedding at least once a week.
These few simple ways can keep your home clean and odour-free, besides letting you enjoy the company of your pooch indoors.