Mamma … Brush up your grooming skills


Who doesn’t want a well-behaved and a great looking kid? Well! We all do. With little care and loads of love, we can easily convert our loving pooches into great looking kiddies. Brushing works wonder, if done properly with a little care. Grrrrrrrooming…might sound great to our four-legged friends as well, if we do it in a way D&P propagates.

Brushing is the basic facet of grooming, there’s a lot involved in it, it has to be done in a proper way. Its way and requirement varies with breed and moreover brushing and combing are not so identical as well…so to know more about all such nitty-gritty of brushing and combing, just go through a few mentioned tips that will surely add more BOW effect to our doggies’ looks.Right brush for the right breed
The brush that we use for brushing is breed specific. For long-haired breeds such as Lhasa Apso, Old English Sheepdog, Poodle, Pomeranian and Shih Tzu, use curved wire slicker or pin brush with rounded tips to prevent damage to the skin. For short coat breeds with dense undercoat like Terrier, GSD and American Eskimo, always use a slicker and for smooth coated breeds like Boxer, Doberman, Labrador, Greyhound, Basset Hound and Pitbull – all we need is just a comb.
Canine coat conditioning
Before combing, it is always advisable to spray a good quality conditioner on the coat. This will help to loosen knots and smoothen the coat… thus making brushing easier for pooches, especially for the longhaired breeds. Coat conditioners are available in the market.
Correct brushing pattern
Professional groomers start with the hindlimbs and then move to head and ears. Brushing avoids matting in dogs and removes the dead hair from the coat. Don’t be in a hurry during brushing and brush gently on tummy and inside his legs. Most important…brush stepby- step, targeting one section and layer of his coat at a time.
Tackling knots and tangles
For long-haired breeds, daily brushing is required and to remove tangles and knots, comb…gently. With deep stokes of comb, we can easily get rid of tangles. Use your hands to hold hair…so that it may not hurt our cuddly canines.
Doing it the right way
Brush before a bath…and comb after brushing. If an area is matted, use scissors to cut the matted area. Be patient and gentle with your precious one so that the bristles of the brush may not hurt him. Most of all, ensure he has a great time. Do treat him with his favourite treat for being patient.
Tuffy…Ginger…Sparkle… Bravo…Gooofy….Oh! They all are just rushing to their mammas for a brushing session…while we wish them all the great looks!

– by Smita Mishra