FASAVA 2023: A confluence of veterinary excellence

Mumbai is all set to experience new highs in veterinary excellence through FASAVA 2023, a much awaited and highly anticipated event. It would be held from 27th to 29th October, and here’s all that you want to know about the event.


In the dynamic world of veterinary science, a highly anticipated event, FASAVA 2023, is poised to create ripples of excitement and knowledge sharing. Set to take place in the vibrant city of Mumbai, this conference promises to be an extraordinary platform for veterinarians from around the world to converge, exchange ideas, and embrace the latest developments in their field.

Leading the Global Front: Indian Veterinarians at the Helm

This year, the Indian Veterinary Fraternity is stepping onto the global stage as the host of FASAVA 2023, scheduled from 27th to 29th October. It will be held at Hotel Westin Mumbai, Powai Lake. This responsibility is met with both honour and enthusiasm, as it signifies not only an acknowledgment of India’s growing role in the veterinary community but also the anticipation of a remarkable gathering that will transcend geographical boundaries.

FASAVA 2023 embodies the spirit of collaboration and learning. The event is tailored to cater to a diverse audience that includes practising veterinarians, academicians, researchers, and industry experts. Through a meticulously crafted program, featuring workshops, presentations, and interactive discussions, the conference aims to explore and address contemporary challenges and opportunities in the realm of animal care.

Mumbai embraces the event: Get Ready for the Action!

While the intellectual discourse forms the core of FASAVA 2023, the location itself adds an extra layer of allure. Mumbai, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and bustling energy, provides an ideal setting for this international gathering. Participants not only have the chance to immerse themselves in insightful conversations but also to experience the diverse cultural tapestry that India has to offer.

Dr Makrand Chavan from Mumbai, shares our enthusiasm– “This Pan Asia event is happening in India for the very first time, on such a grand scale! We will have an immense footfall of vets from across India and Asia. I am looking forward to this event with great enthusiasm, and also thankful to Drools Pet Food and all the sponsors for their incredible support.”

Dr Anil Vade, Joint Secretary, PPAM, says– “FASAVA congress is all set to take place in Mumbai city in October 2023. I thank our Platinum sponsor Drools and all other sponsors for their Generous support. I am grateful to the 1200 veterinary professionals and 200 veterinary students from Asia and beyondwho have already registered for the conference.”

Exploring new horizons: The conference for learning and knowledge

FASAVA 2023 extends an open invitation to all those who are committed to advancing veterinary science. This conference not only promises to be a source of cutting-edge knowledge but also a hub for forging connections that transcend the event itself. It is an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals, sharing experiences and expertise that will collectively contribute to the growth of veterinary medicine.

Dr Dhananjay Bapat, PPAM President, rightly puts it– “It’s an absolute delight and pride to announce FASAVA2023 (Asian Vet Congress). This grand event will be hosted by PPAM which is a dream come true.At FASAVA Congress 2023, we will have 6 streams and more than 25 world class speakers. It will be the biggest Olympics of vet education ever celebrated in our incredible India”

Dr Ramani Jairam, Member – FASAVA Board, states–“Bringing the FASAVA 2023 to India is a great achievement for the Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai. PPAM is one of the founding members of FASAVA (Asian Congress). COVID 19 was a setback to all educational activities across the globe. The FASAVA board wanted to restart the program for professional development of veterinarians in India and across Asia. This event to be organised in Mumbai will be the crowning glory for all Indian veterinarians. I request each and every veterinarian in India to come and be a part of this momentous occasion. PPAM promises all delegates a world class experience with the Indian flavour.”

In an ever-evolving field where the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, FASAVA 2023 stands as a testament to the global commitment to advancing veterinary care. Let us embrace this unique occasion to learn, discuss, and together shape the future of animal well-being.

(Dr. Shivangi Raina – Product Executive Manager, Drools)