Groomed to ‘paw’fection

Pet grooming is more than just a makeover; it’s a way to enhance a pet’s well-being and comfort, keeping them healthy, happy, and looking their best. Learn how love and compassion can make a huge difference and take pet grooming to the next level!


Having grown up as an animal lover and surrounded with cats and dogs and a snake as a child, my love for animals has only grown over the years. After pursuing pet grooming professionally and successfully running my own pet spa that goes by the name Pups & Cuts during covid for 3 years and being a human hairstylist back in my college days with Lorea’l Enrich, I came to realize that true grooming for any pet starts with the right kind of nutrition and food intake which helps to keep their gut, skin, and bones healthy. This is one of the reasons that we have launched the frozen pet ice-cream PEPO in India.

‘Fur’tastic friends and their grooming needs

Our furry friends need love and companionship from us. However, when we look at having cats and dogs as our companions at home grooming becomes necessary to tackle hair shedding problems, especially with the change of season. Regular grooming and brushing help to keep their skin free from any kind of pests and infections too.

Another important thing that I want to highlight is that you need to determine the size of your pet that you are planning to get depending on the size of your home. Smaller pets like cats and breeds like – Maltese, Shihtzu, Pomeranian etc. are better fitted in apartment homes while larger breeds like Rottweiler, Mastiffs, German Shepherds would ideally do well in a larger home.

Tailored tresses and paws

Dogs have various types of hair. Let’s simplify it for you. Double coated breeds include – St. Bernard, Siberian Husky etc. and common examples of single coated breeds are Beagle, Neapolitan Mastiff etc. To help them regulate their body temperature during summers pets can undergo a lot of hair shedding.

Trimming your pet’s nails is essential. Pets in apartments don’t get the natural filing they require they get otherwise when in the wild. Also don’t forget to gently clean their ears and eyes as part of their regular at-home grooming sessions.

Love is all that matters

After having stayed with some of the biggest breeds I also gave birth to a baby boy who grew up to be fearless, resilient, and full of compassion towards animals. I have always emphasized the fact that taking care of your pet’s health includes regular grooming sessions as well.

In the journey of raising 4 dogs and a baby boy treatment towards them was no different. I loved all my furry friends as much as I loved my son and in due course, we added to the family a horse whom we rescued. So, whether it was for my dogs or my horse, as much as I would like a stylist to treat my son gently, I’d expect the same for my other 5 pet babies. If I’d have them groomed by any groomer and it was of utmost importance that they are handled gently. For most pets the first reaction to a grooming tool is to defend. Though as a pet parent I am bound to certain duties to inform the groomer about my pet’s temperament.

So, in my opinion, to be a successful groomer one must also understand the environment and psychology of the pet parent and how they have raised their pets apart from the natural temperament of the breed. It allows the groomer to assess the duration of a grooming session, and handle pets with a little extra care and compassion.

When you visit a salon, you expect to be treated nicely, the same holds true for pet grooming and professional groomers. Love and care go a long way in making grooming sessions all the more fun!