Welcome to the world of combs and brushes!


Selecting the correct type of brush or comb for your loved pet is a very essential step in grooming. As this is what will ensure whether you will actually end up caring for your pet’s coat or harming it!

Brushes and combs come in diverse shapes and sizesCombs
Single Sided Comb: Single sided combs come in handy for quick run through the hair as well as to check and open knots in hairy pets.
Double Sided Comb: Usually a double sided comb has one side with pins at lesser gaps between them and the other side with a wider gap or space between them. This helps in checking and opening knots and easy combing as well. Flea Comb: Flea combs are extremely useful to comb out fl eas and ticks.
Rake: A regular pin, steel or spring action rake or mat-breaker is an enhanced form of a comb, only to provide better gripping while combing entangled hair.
Bristle Brush: Bristle brushes available differ according to the spacing or gap between bristles as well as the length of the bristles, they can be used on short, medium and in some cases long coats. In case of long coat the brush with more broadly spaced and longer bristles should be used.
Pin Brush: Steel pin brushes provide more stiffness and ease while brushing medium to long or woolly coats, simply because of the metal factor. These are available open ended or with plastic or rubber tipped ends.
Bristle-Pin Brush: A bristle-pin brush is typically a double sided brush which provides a combination of both the pin and bristle brush. It also comes in very handy for pet lovers with more than one pet in varied kinds of coats.
Slicker Brush: An automatic or regular slicker brush has fi ne wire bristles and is especially useful for long coat pets. They also come in very handy for removing mats and tangles and give a wholesome, downy toy look.