Tarot readings for you and your cuddly delight


For pooch lovers it is always a good time, but we all would love to know, what our cards have in store for us. Here D&P brings tarot cards forecast for the months of July and August.

  • Aries
    (March 21 to April 20)Pet parents: The beginning of July indicates competition and struggle. Those who are planning to settle, marry or move house and plan a family reunion, this is a favorable time.Our furry pals: The cards indicate a message to be strong and not run away from situations, you are advised to be extra careful, especially while playing or crossing the streets, be alert and stay safe.
  • Taurus
    (April 21 to May 20)Pet parents: The beginning indicates a new message for an alliance, marriage or a good job offer, perhaps a promotion and appraisal.Our furry pals: You are advised to be strong and some of you will be generating money or trophies to their parents (pet owners). There is an indication of travel for some, new homes, and new cities, so friends be prepared to get adapted to your new environments.
  • Gemini
    (May 21 to June 21)Pet parents: The beginning of the month is wonderful as you will rise above materialistic things and will be content.Our furry pals: New energy beginning, and a brilliant time to learn new tricks.A probability of shifting to new homes, new surroundings and receive goodies. Super days for pet parents and their furry pals.
  • Cancer
    (June 22 to July 22)Pet parents: The beginning calls for introspection, spirituality, following a guru and seeking a path towards deep thinking. The cards indicate triumph in assignments, alliances, new ventures and business or education.Our furry pals: There is good news for those who shall participate in games, competition, and success as appreciation is in your kitty. However, you are warned to guard your health.
  • Leo
    (July 23 to August 22)Pet parents: The beginning brings a new message linked to your heart, a proposal or a job offer, perhaps your intuition – a message from your inner consciousness. There is good news for those in love, commitment and engagement. Our furry pals: The beginning indicates a little unhappiness, not able to do the right things, however good news especially for our female pals, indicating enthusiasm, and travel.
  • Virgo
    (August 23 to September 22)Pet parents: A favorable beginning for those who are planning or awaiting motherhood, favorable time to receive positive offers, work, business , increments in salary and opportunities for better prospects.Our furry pals: Friends may have to wait a little longer for adoption, as well as mating, although you will receive gifts and will be showered with a lot of attention. Your efforts will bring you lot of quick positive results.
  • Libra
    (September 23 to October 22)Pet parents: A family member’s health should be guarded; those in professions like stocks, marketing or bankers will do exceptionally well. There is travel on the cards for those who are planning a trip.Our furry pals: A good beginning, especially the females will seek a lot of attention, a few may perhaps not make friends easily, have a hard time getting adapted to their new environment and also feel scared in their new surroundings. Be brave and be strong.
  • Scorpio
    (October 23 to November 22)Pet parents: The beginning brings contentment, basically getting what you want, material gains and interestingly spiritual gains as well. Favorable periods for those who plan to tie the knot, commitment, love and planning for future is around the corner.Our furry pals: A few sacrifices perhaps moving away from loved ones, let go of the past and look forward to a bright tomorrow. The males will be highly emotional and also feel special like a king, you all will be energetic learn new tricks and gain loads of attention.
  • Sagittarius
    (November 23 to December 21)Pet parents: The beginning indicates making sacrifices, letting go of the past, missing and trying to bond with the elderly folks especially mother daughter relationship. Health should be on guard.Our furry pals: A time to make friends, be invited to parties, get adopted into new loving homes and be a spectacular performer. A brilliant time for those who participate in events.
  • Capricorn
    (December 22 to January 20)Pet parents: The beginning indicates quick positive results in your endeavors, work, vocation or love. There could be a slight waiting period for those who seek overseas opportunities which could lead to confusion and stress.Our furry pals: The time to chill, take things easy but warning on your cards, keep your goodies and valuable litter safely. A good time to expect gifts and trophies!
  • Aquarius
    (January 21 to February 19)Pet parents: The beginning brings in new opportunities, finance, appraisals and prospective projects. Your valuables should be guarded as there is a possibility of losing or misplacing important stuff.Our furry friends: Those who seek to find new homes will be successful, the females who are expecting will be blessed with sweet, cuddly litter, strange but true you are also advised to be extra cautious.
  • Pisces
    (February 20 to March 20)Pet parents: Try to be spiritual and strong. You will be trying to take charge and control, be it on the work front or home.Our furry pals: Same as your pet parents, health is of concern, do not neglect symptoms, you will make new friends and those who hope for litter, it surely is a favorable time to bring in those sweet loving little furry pals.
– by Varsha Verma