My little Puglets


My two Pugs, Simba & Cindy, are the prince & princess of our home; they are the two most pampered Pugs in the world. Simba who is two years old is
Simba & Cindy
sturdy, boisterous, vocal, energetic, loving and a mama’s boy. He is naturally curious and understands almost every word we speak. He insists on being part of every activity at home.
Cindy is one year old, a little bundle of love and mischief, not at all noisy and a clever little thinker, who outwits Simba most of the time. She is soft and feminine, but can bully Simba, who is bigger and stronger.
The royals Simba and Cindy walk every morning at 5.30 am in summer as it is too hot for them during the rest of the day. In winter, they go out at 6.15 am to relieve themselves, have their first meal of the day, and then go for a walk at about 8.00 am. They also go for a free run in which they chase each other around the lawn. They are always accompanied on their walks by me and one of my household helps. They are also wiped clean with toilet paper every time they relieve themselves and have got so used to it that they wait to have it done!
Their meal times are fixed—breakfast at 6.45 am every morning and dinner at 6 pm in the evening. In addition, they get some treats like chewee meaty treats, a level teaspoon of cream from the milk, half an egg yolk, white portion of a hard boiled egg, toast & cheese, butter, dog biscuit, etc. At night, raw carrot from my salad is a specialty for Cindy. Needless to say, both babies know exactly the time for each type of treat and are ready and waiting. They are also given their share of vitamin, calcium and Omega3 & 6 supplements.
Every morning they are groomed; their eyes, wrinkles and nose rolls get cleaned and dried. This grooming session is the ultimate and last from one–two hours for each dog depending on a wet or a dry session. Once a week, they wallow in a luxurious massage and brushing or a massage and a fabulous bath for which a grooming boy comes home. Lastly they are perfumed. I have never seen any dog run into the bathroom to be bathed but these two compete with each other for the space in the bathroom on the days they go in for a bath. They have such gorgeous smelling shampoos and conditioners that one is tempted to try them out. After their baths every 3 to 4 weeks, they are sprayed with an anti tick & flea spray that keeps their coats clean.
Their beds–well, these are also the ultimate! In winter, during the day, they sleep on a raised wooden bed with thick plush mattress, covered with a clean sheet. On this sheet is placed a double-sided fleece blanket that has a light poly-fibre filling. They are covered with a similar blanket when they sleep, if it is a cold day. My Pugs do not wear coats at all as they are comfortable in their own fur. At night, they have their own individual round foam beds with raised sides like a basket. At the bottom is a round mattress that we cover with a folded double fleece blanket. Another blanket completely lines the whole bed including the sides. An old soft sweater is placed on this for maximum warmth. Once they get into bed, both are covered with a fleece blanket and they cuddle up for the night. Their beds look so cosy, that I wish I was so small so as to curl up in them.
These two Pugs just love each and every member of our family. Our prince & princess are the centre of our lives and they really know it!