Games for the party pooches


You and your friends are out on a vacation with your little four-legged darlings or you have arranged a party for your pooch. Here are a few games to make the gathering all the more enjoyable:
Perfect Tail : Blindfold the owners and ask them to put tail on a doggy cut-out. A sure way to lot of squeaks and giggles!
Hungry Kya : Ask the owners to feed biscuits to the dogs without using their hands. Sounds interesting?
Balloon Game : Ask the pet parents to hold their dog’s leash and blow balloons at the same time…You will indeed have a great time seeing people having a tough time.
Playing Cards Games : Make all the dogs do the ‘down stay’ while their owners make tallest card castles. Now, here’s the time to show how well-trained your dog is!
Distance Fetch : Send the dogs to fetch toys for their parents from a distance. You know how much your dog loves to play the magical game ‘fetch,’ so they will indeed have a gala time.
Jumping Jack : If you have jumps and tunnels, make the dogs clear jumps and go through the tunnel. You might even see a few pet parents teaching their dogs how to jump and go through the tunnel, so will have all kinds of jumping jacks!
Best Doggy Use : Take an unusual item and ask the pet parents to innumerate three best uses of that item for their pet. I bet you will get the craziest answers you have ever heard!
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