Playful Pixiebobs!

Intelligent, affectionate, loving and playful…a Pixiebob can give you hours of entertainment…playing, loving and cuddling with you.

Muscular and solid, Pixiebobs are medium to large cats. Their eyes are triangular in shape and their brows are heavy. They usually have a short tail of almost nothing to about six inches. They may have kinks and knots and curly cues. They are polydactyl, that is, they have extra toes. They can have upto seven toes in each paw.
They usually come in various shades of brown spotted tabby. Occasionally they may be found with the classic pattern, and/or the different colours of orange, grey or black.

Loyal and playful…

They are loyal, confident, assertive and even obedient. What’s more? They like to ride in the car! They are very quiet and intelligent. They can be trained to walk on a leash and have been known to play ‘fetch’ and ‘hide & seek’. They are active, but not hyperactive. They get along well with dogs and children, given proper introductions. They also bond deeply with their family.

Make life beautiful…

Life will never be the same after having been adopted by a Pixiebob. They would love to snuggle with you and give you company.


Their coat is weather-resistant and required little grooming.

Healthy breed…

As a breed, the Pixiebob has a very wide gene pool, therefore there are no ‘breed specific’ diseases.
In all, a Pixiebob is a loving and playful cat…who can bring life and energy to any household.

(Shari Fedewa has been breeding Living Legend Pixiebobs for over 11 years near Orlando, Florida.)