Boom! Boom! …Bow! Bow!


Diwali is all about booms and bangs…without crackers our celebrations are incomplete. For us it’s fun, but it can be highly traumatic for our pooches, who are not accustomed to loud noises. Here’s how to make our canines also join in the party…and have fun!
Record as many loud noises as possible in a tape recorder or get a CD of loud noises, and start playing these tapes or CDs at zero volume for the first few days. You may not hear or notice anything, but be assured, your dog can hear. He just doesn’t think it is important enough to react to.
Over the course of a few days or weeks, gradually increase the volume to max, only if your dog is comfortable. As a parent, your job is NOT to react. In case your dog gets scared, reduce the volume for few days. DO NOT cajole or pet your dog when he is scared. You would be rewarding his behaviour, encouraging him to act scared as it brings a lot of care and petting.
Just ignore the situation, no commands, no corrections, and no praise. Only thing you work with is the volume control. A few weeks’ training should result in a dog well adjusted to loud noises, happily going about his work even if faced with a sudden loud noise…so till Diwali, we wish Happy Training!