Utterly Butterly Mine!


Our neighbourhood dog had delivered three adorable pups. They were so cute that we named them Butter, Scotch and Sundae.
I was later informed that one of the pups, had got hurt, my heart stopped beating for a minute and I rushed to the site where I saw Butter standing in a pool of blood with her right front leg open and Scotch & Sundae by her side trying to take out Butter from the trauma she had undergone. I gave food to Scotch and Sundae and immediately rushed Butter to the clinic. That gentle soul came into my lap without any protest and travelled without a single noise to the clinic. Her wound was so bad, it couldn’t be stitched, it had to be bandaged. Since we didn’t have any safe place to keep her and couldn’t leave her outside in such a state, she came into our home, which now is her permanent residence.
Her arrival made our home livelier than ever. The initial recovery took an entire week during which she had adjusted to leading a luxurious life. Now, there was no question of leaving her back on the streets.
As Butter started growing up, anyone by having a look at our home could make out that there is a naughty kid in the house. Butter in best of her abilities tried to remove most of the things, be it her soft toys, plastic bone, her mini skirt, bedsheets, and not to forget the mattresses.
Now, Butter is a gorgeous 2-year old girl. She believes in maintaining size zero and is a proud mother of her soft toy (a turkey) Kukdukun. She loves to pose for the camera and has great acting skills. We never taught her any commands. She is raised like our buddy and is a great sniffer dog and follows complete sentences and takes part in family discussions.
My beautiful Sundae has turned out to be a graceful lady too; she is happy living on the streets, she gets a complete meal in the morning and is sterilised and vaccinated. As for Scotch he did not survive the traumas of street life. My humble request to all is as Butter has become our angel, do also look for your angel who gives you unconditional love.