Jaadu – the magic in our lives!


JAADU- yes, this is the five letter name of my four legged friend! He is a black Pug. Whenever I saw the Hutch ad, I used to wonder how it would be if I had a dog exactly like the one in the ad. A lovely buddy who could follow me wherever I went, being friendly and playful! My wish was to get one for which I kept pestering my parents.
One fi ne day, I got to know the true meaning of the proverb -‘patience pays’, when my grandma gifted me Jaadu. True to his name, he is just like magic to us. He has brought complete happiness into our lives.
My Dadi, who does not like dogs, loves him dearly. Also, he has made himself the darling of my dad. When dad comes back from a grueling day at offi ce and goes to rest, Jaadu sneaks into his bed and goes and sits in the crook of his arms as if he were saying, ”I am always there for you.”
Jaadu is exactly as nice as I wanted. He does many hilarious things. Sometimes, he even tries to catch his tail but of course he never succeeds. As we children listen to our parents in front of them, but behind their backs we tend to defy them and do naughty things. Jaadu does just the same. When mom always tells him not to sit on the sofa, he in front of her shakes his head left and right, showing that he is totally involved. But when mom is not there, he always prefers the sofa.
Interestingly, Jaadu does not allow mom or dad to wake my brother or me up on a holiday. He makes a big rumpus so that we can sleep peacefully. Sometimes I wonder, how can Jaadu differentiate a working day from a holiday? It seems so because mom or dad are allowed to wake us up on a school day so that we may not be late for school.
Now, Jaadu has become a very important part of our lives. I think I should thank the Lord as Jaadu is His true gift for us.