Toygers: Mini tigers to love and cuddle

Those who are enchanted by tigers can bring home a Toyger with looks of a tiger but size like a toy and a heart of gold

Dressed to kill

Toygers were created to look like Toy Tigers. They are short haired, completely domestic cat derived fromcarefully selected domestic shorthairs and pedigreed cats like the Bengal. Medium-sized, Toygers are strong with long and muscular tail. Their coat is short and thick and soft to touch. Their colour is orange/tan background with dark stripes that reminds us of beautiful and athletic tiger.

The recognition

Toygers were recognised in TICA (The International Cat Association) for registration only in 1993 and worked up from Preliminary New Breed, Advanced New Breed and finally Championship status in May of 2008.

Extremely lovable

They are very lovable and get along well with children and dogs. They are very intelligent and make wonderful companion animals. They love to play, love lap time with their humans and enjoy social activities such as fetch and tug-of-war. They are athletic and love to run, climb and play with their human companion as well as other animals and children.

Kitty care

They are easily trained to walk on a leash if started at an early age. They must be kept indoors as they might find someone else to go home with or may be a bit hard on wildlife with their excellent hunting skills.

Grooming needs

Toygers are very sturdy, healthy breed of cat who require minimal grooming. Most Toygers enjoy bath time since they love to play in water. Their shiny (glittered) coats feel silky and plush to the touch.

Breeder tip

I would highly recommend a Toyger to anyone looking for a loving, playful companion. They may not be for everyone since they are very active and playful. They also love to talk and will carry on a complete conversation with you. They are an absolute joy to live with and the most amazing cat I have ever owned!

(Kim Chenault is TICA – LH/SHJudge in training and she owns a cattery –