Japanese Bobtails: simply divine!


There is never a dull moment with Japanese Bobtails. Not only are they unique in looks, they can quickly steal your heart with their love and loyalty.

When we got our first Japanese Bobtail eleven years ago, I was amazed at how quickly she bonded with my daughter and our family. We got her when she was a year old and she bonded immediately with our family. She follows my daughter around the house. If she hears my daughter but does not see her, she will ‘call out’ to her with her sing-song voice until she finds her.

Body beautiful…
The Japanese Bobtail is a medium sized cat, well muscled but straight and slender. The unique short tail resembles a bunny tail with the hair fanning out to create a pompom appearance which camouflages the underlying bone structure. The head is triangular in shape. The high cheekbones and unique set of the large eyes lend a distinctive Japanese cast to the face. They come in many colours. Their eyes can be odd eyed, blue, green or gold. They come in longhair or shorthair.
Friendly and intelligent…
The Japanese Bobtail is active, energetic and very affectionate. Their outgoing and loving temperament makes them excellent pets. They are loyal to their pet parents. All of my Japanese Bobtails have gotten along well with my dogs and other cats. They love attention. They are people oriented breed. They are high energy but not destructive or hyper. They will keep the entire family entertained. They are lively and active; love to play well into their later years.
Good learners…
We have had many Japanese Bobtails who could turn on the faucet to get a drink or flush the toilets, many could open doors and drawers to get their own treats and many played fetch. They can be taught to walk on a leash as well.

Kitten kare…

Japanese Bobtails kittens are intelligent and learn to use litter box quickly. They love to play and love to cuddle and be held. Since they are healthy breed, their kittens are always hearty and healthy.
As they have no undercoat, Japanese Bobtails come either in longhair or shorthair for which a weekly brushing is all that’s normally required.
Climbing, running, playing with other kittens are normal activities of Japanese Bobtails who also play ‘fetch’ if taught. Fond of playing with toys like balls, feathers, catnip, etc for hours, they do well in agility courses at cat shows.
How’s it to live with them?
Japanese Bobtails are entertaining and always put a smile on your face. They are in fact loyal companions who wish to please their owners and be with them.
(Lisa Rowe with her daughter Samantha own the cattery Samiz Cats homing Japanese Bobtails in Ohio)