Doglicious Delicacies for all occasions

Pup cakes, liver cookies, beefy bites, fish cakes, apple and pumpkin cakes… Here are some mouth-watering treats from pet bakeries.

It’s not a new thing that pet parents have always loved their furry friends as an integral part of their family. What does seem to be more of a recent trend however are dog bakeries across the country which offer innovative treats for all times and celebrations. “However, for those who have or have had a pet at some point in their lives, will associate with our underlying belief – our pets spoil us by making us feel like the most important people in the world… let’s spoil them too!” says Yadika of The Spoilt Brat Barkery as a matter of fact. And Sanjeev of Licious seconds it, “Though every day is special in life but still only for that one day, go that extra mile and make your pet’s birthday really special, celebrate his birthday and give back just a little of the unconditional love they give you each hour day on day!”
Bone Appetite: baked pooch treats

Bengaluru-based Bone Appetite is a ‘Make-to-Order’ bakery for dogs, where they only start preparing when pet parents place their orders.
Inspiration: Love for animals and having pets around.
Official tasters: Labradors – Masti and Aioli
USP: “We use human grade ingredients without any preservatives, artificial flavours, salt and sugar. Some of the ingredients used are skimed milk, wheat germ, flax seeds, peanut butter, pure honey, cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour, oats, oat bran and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Treats are tasted by our family dogs (Labradors – Masti and Aioli) and they give our treats two paws up!” tells Priya of Bone Appetite.
Pawsome treats: Birthday cakes, cookies, pupcakes and return gifts for dog shows and birthday parties.
Pooch Matters: Nutritious treats
Conceived in September 2011, PoochMatters offers fresh and nutritious food, treats and cakes for dogs.
USP: “All ingredients are human grade and can be consumed by anyone. For food colouring, we use natural homemade colours derived from beets, spinach, blue berries, etc,” tells Ranjana of PoochMatters, Mumbai.
Pawsome treats: Non-veg: Chicken Logs, Liver Cookies, Beefy Bites, Fish Cakes & Fish Cookies, Chicken Buddy Biscuits, Chicken n’Cheese Balls & Bars, Whole Meal Wedges, Dried Jerky Braids, etc. Veg: Peanut Butter n’Banana Swirls, Oats n’Coconut Balls, Oats n’Peanut Balls, Cheeze Bars, Carob Brownies, Cottage Cheese Cakes, Fruity Strips, etc. Besides, PoochMatters also offers a large variety of cakes and muffins for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other festive and special occasions. Some of the all-time favourites of pooches are Chicken Carrot Cake, Carob Brownies, Apple & Pumpkin Cakes.
Doggie Dabbas: the right nutrition
“Every dog deserves the best food available, thus Doggie Dabbas was created,” says Rashee Kuchroo, Pet Chef, Doggie Dabbas, Gurgaon.
USP: Feeding your dog well can seriously reduce your trips to the vet.
Pawsome treats: Birthday Cakes, Doughnuts and Daily Dabbas.
Licious: Baked delights for pooches
Licious offers delicious bakery items for furry friends, with the idea of providing specialised cakes, actually made for them.
USP: “Licious provides all services related with organising a pet birthday party with an option of calling upon a wide range of pet guests of the same breed as the birthday boy/girl or across all breeds, from our extensive customer base. This also provides an opportunity for all pets to socialise and have fun with their pet parents and other pets. Such birthday parties also see a lot of fun games for both the pets and pet parents,” tells Sanjeev of Licious, New Delhi.
Official tasters: Three Toy Poodles, a Cairn Terrier, a Bedlington Terrier, a Maltese, a Long Hair Chihuahua, a Min Pin (Miniature Pincher), two Shih-Tzus and two Boxers, besides other pets like fish, guinea pigs, etc.
Pawsome treats: Lab Delight Pastries, Oat Meal Cookies, Multigrain Cookies and Boxer Punch Muffins/Cakes.
The spoilt brat barkery: special anytime, anywhere treats
Mumbai-based The Spoilt Brat Barkery & More is a bakery that creates all-natural, wholesome, oven-baked biscuits, treats and cakes for dogs.
Inspiration: Australian Cocker Spaniel called Maximus
USP: “Our motto states that the way to a man’s best friend’s heart is also through his stomach. Hence we use only human-grade quality ingredients as well as natural ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables that are not only tasty but particularly good for the dogs too. We also keep certain dog allergies in mind and use relevant substitutes for the same. For example, dogs are not allowed chocolates, so we use an imported ingredient called Carob which is a chocolate substitute and as such can be consumed by dogs,” shares Yadika. “In addition, I work with the dog’s vet to customise the treats made for an individual dog keeping its dietary constraints in mind. I also make cookies with multivitamins or calcium or other medicines that have been prescribed as some dogs don’t or can’t swallow pills. This makes it easier as they are given as treats in a recommended dosage,” she adds.
Pawsome treats: A variety of gourmet biscuits and treats such as Muttkins (doggy muffins), Lolli Pups (biscuits with a rawhide chewy stick) and Pawkins & Pupcakes (doggy cupcakes); Paw-shaped Pizzas, Cheese Sticks, Corn Dogs, Bagels and Pretzels, etc; Dog Birthday cakes in various shapes (i.e. bone, paw, kennel, dog images, popular cartoon characters, etc); Doggie Ice-creams, Sorbets and Popsicles, besides Bake-at-Home Doggie Birthday Cake Kits. Of these, the most popular treats include Bow-Wow Brownies, Apple Cinnamon Lollipups, Pineapple or Apple Vanilla Cheesecakes, Season’s Specials like the Valentine’s Day Fresh Strawberry Cookies or the Pineapple Coconut Modaks during Ganesh Chaturthi, Ginger Honey Treats, Cheesy Carrot Treats, After Dinner Mints, Oatmeal Apple Cookies, Rocky Road Balls, Sunflower Cookies, etc.