Dont hate but love me as i love you


If the cats can… they would have whispered these words to everyone. The mindset of people is different from one another. Some may love cats, some may be indifferent to them, while a few may be scared or even hate them. Most of the fear and hate, that cats have to face from humans, come from baseless superstitions that associate them with bad luck and evil. Your heart breaks when you witness your beloved ones to be chased, shouted at or abused by somebody. So it is important for the cat lovers to take the responsibility for spreading good things about cats – their love, companionship and cat-human relationship. They are independent but unobtrusive. They should not be discriminated but be loved.

As a cat owner, I have realized that when confronted by negative behaviour towards my pets, getting on the defensive does not help. One needs to gently change attitudes and get more people converted into the catfold! I have eight felines and I try and allow as many people, especially children to interact with them. The children learn that if they are gentle and still, the cats come up to them to make friends. Even their mothers treat them with respect and dignity. Sure, love dilutes hatred!