Home is not the same without you Toffee!


It seems so empty and lifeless after the moment you left me too soon! I remember the day you came into my life in 2002. I remember how much we all troubled you when you were a puppy, patting you, hugging you, picking you, playing with you when the only thing you wanted to do was sleep. You probably don’t know but you touched my life in ways nobody else could. You are too special for me. You opened my eyes to the world of animals, the creatures of God who have a special place in this universe and are often cruelly treated by us humans. You melted my heart, provided me insight to the lives of dogs and other animals. You were not a dog, you were like my sister; we both grew up together. I wouldn’t have been the same without you. You were an extraordinary soul. Your space can never be filled by anyone else.

I wish I could hug you once more, I visualise myself hugging you, I wish it was real. I wish you were with me till the end of my time. I wish you never left me. I wish you were there in my life, I feel I can’t be happy because you are not there to see me; you are not there to share my world. I can’t forget you Toffee. I can’t forget your beautiful, brown eyes and your beautiful soul. You will be alive in my memories. If you are watching over me, you will know you will never be forgotten.

I miss you so much, Toffee. I miss your soft brown eyes staring at me trying to understand what I am saying. I miss you looking at me in the mornings, waiting for me to wake up. I miss you wagging your tail and jumping around when I come home. I miss you sleeping with me with your head on the pillow. I miss you frolicking around the house. I miss your presence and I will miss you till my end, when I hope to join you so that we can be together forever.

I love you, Toffee!