FURtune runners!

When we talk about the rich ‘n’ wealthy dogs, all kids would remember Richie Rich’s Dollar – the famous fictional Dalmatian dog in Harvey Comics. This dog is spotted with dollars signs, unlike the spots of Dalmatians, and is referred to be the world’s wealthiest dog. But now, we have new millionaire pooches, who are just basking in the glory of affluence. Here are a few who top the list of world’s richest pets. So, all tails up for wealthy pets!

We all have heard tales of pooch-parent bonding…precious gifts bestowed on the furry friends…diamond studded collars…cruise… vacations… and now, proud pooch parents are giving away their fortune to their pets.

Trouble – the fluffy Maltese Poodle

Leona Helmsley, the real estate baron, pampered her pooch – Trouble – a lot during her lifespan. And when she died in 2007, her lovable Poodle inherited $12million. But that brought some trouble for other Helmsley relatives…eventually surrogate court judge later reduced Trouble’s fortune amount to $2 million. After enjoying a wonderful royal life…he died in June 2011 at a ripe age of 12.

Toby Rimes – Champ @ NYC

Ella Wendel of the then multimillionaire real estate family of New York City has made lives easier for our pooches…and one name that’s on top is Toby Rimes –a rich pooch enjoying life and having fun in the city. Toby’s fortune is worth $92 million, which he inherited after his mom’s death. Lucky chap, we would say!

Oprah Winfrey’s doggies – Rich ‘n’ famous

We all love Oprah Winfrey…she is so kind and gentle. Well! Not only to her talk show guests but also to her canine companions. What’s more? All her canine companions who outlive her will inherit £30 million. She feels that she has enough money to enjoy her life with all her furry angels…but God forbids, if anything happens to her…they can still live in peace. Woof!

Flossie – Drew’s saviour

Flossie – a Labrador Retriever, a proud pet of famous Hollywood diva Drew Barrymore once saved the actress’ life. As Drew was so touched by his act, she decided to give away her $3 million estate to him, after her death. This was to express her love and gratitude to Flossie…but sadly the furry buddy left for heavenly abode before inheriting the million dollar accommodation.

Paris’ Chihuahua – designer’s delight

Whatever Paris Hilton does…she does it with panache. And when it comes to her pets she is just the same. We all have seen her super-cute Chihuahua being ferried around in a fabulous Prada carry bag, rocking with diamond-encrusted collars. Well! That’s not all what the little angel enjoys…he also owns £200,000 deluxe doggie mansion, adorned with glitzy chandeliers and Chewy Vuiton daybeds.

Gunther IV – truly extraordinary

From enjoying the privilege of being the world’s richest dog, this lucky German Shepherds inherited $372 million from his father Gunther III, who got the moolah after his owner Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany passed away. As of now, Gunther IV owns a house, a BMW roadster, a driver, a chef and several servants. He also had the rare honour of successfully bidding on pop star Madonna’s old Miami mansion and a rare white truffle.

One, two, three – all free!

Miami socialite and the daughter of corporate-takeover king Victor Posner, Gail Posner bequeathed her $8.3 million Miami mansion and a $3 million trust fund to her dogs – Conchita, April Maria and Lucia. Conchita owns a Cartier diamond necklace and has enough funds to support a luxurious lifestyle.

JUiceST for you…£50,000

Famous designer Alexander McQueen’s beloved dog Juice is surely a rich pooch. McQueen left £50,000 of his £16 million fortune to his pet dogs, his will has revealed. He has shown great concern for his dogs and wanted to ensure secure life for them.
So, these were a few millionaires we know…there would be many more…. It’s time our pet parents are living upto their vows ‘Till death do us apart….’