My personal ordeal


One thing that I had never thought was that a small mistake would cost me so dear. It all started when one day I happened to see the main gate of my house left slightly open. I suddenly wanted to be adventurous and I ventured out for a little walk – all by myself.
I had barely strolled for a while when a burly looking man suddenly picked me up. I was rendered speechless by fear. In retrospect, I think maybe if I had screamed my lungs out, someone would have noticed.
Before I knew it, I was being taken away from the familiar locality to some strange area. He finally entered a house and I noticed to my horror, a woman coming towards me with a pair of scissors. Before I could react, she had chopped off my beautiful hair and I felt totally skinned and vulnerable. They then tried to feed me some milk but I was too frightened to eat. They then left me alone in a dark room and I slipped under the bed for some comfort. God, how I wanted to be out of there, and back in my cozy bed, in the arms of my family!!!
It went on like this for a few days. And then suddenly one day, I heard a familiar voice. “It’s papa’s voice!!!” I realized. But it seemed too good to be true. I waited for him to come up and rescue me, but nothing happened..
But the next day, I heard that same comforting voice again and my heart leapt up. I prayed to God and promised Him that I shall always be a good girl.
I think He heard my prayers because very soon, I heard that voice coming closer. Soon I was dragged out and lo and behold, it was Papa!!! He rushed forward to hug me and I was overwhelmed with joy. He took me in his arms and soon we were heading home. When I reached home, I got such a warm welcome that I couldn’t stop whimpering and whining.
For me, my rescue was nothing less than a miracle. I knew I was very lucky to have parents who left no stones unturned to find me. And now every time when I pray to God before sleeping, I thank Him for saving me and I also pray that all those dogs who are lost or have been stolen, have parents like mine, who Never Gave Up On Me!!!!