“Paw-Tales” l Sep-Oct 2006


Are dogs jealous?
Where there is love, jealously will naturally make its way, quiet true! This is something that I experienced recently, with my most loved pal – Tuffy. We share a wonderful relationship and spend quality time together and he treats me like his best companion. All was going well, but after I got married, like a small kid, Tuffy started showing all the signs of jealously. My wife tried her best to be friends with him, but all went in vain. He felt as if, my wife was clinching his share of love and affection.
My wife’s sincere efforts turned fruitful after a while, as she herself developed and nurtured a loving bond with him. We gave extra attention, affection and care to him, along with quality playtime together.
Yes, dogs are jealous, especially with a new entrant in the family. Generally they become depressed and in some cases aggressive. In order to overcome this situation, what is required is love, care, affection, pamper…the list is endless. Treat them good, make them feel special, and you and your pooch will definitely never have such issues. Never let jealously spoil the loving pooch bond!
– Ashu Srivastava, Sharanpur