Grooming myths busted!

Various myths about pet grooming always make us doubtful even while doing the right things. Here are some common grooming facts rectifying the realities obscured by general myths.

Myth: Nail grinders are safer than clippers.
Fact: There is nothing like nail grinders are safe than clippers. Both are equally safe. But nail grinders have certain disadvantages against clippers as the sound of the machines sometimes scare dogs during the grooming session.
Myth: Cutting ‘the quick’ can cause the dog to bleed to death.
Fact: It could mistakenly happen to cut ‘the quick’ while trimming paw nails. But it’s wrong to assume that excessive bleeding due to cutting ‘the quick’ is fatal!
Myth: The nail guard on a nail clipper guarantees you won’t cut ‘the quick’.
Fact: There is no guarantee about nail guard on nail clipper being 100 percent safe from cutting ‘the quick’.
Myth: Bathing causes dry skin.
Fact: This is quite a common myth. Of course, excessive bathing removes the essential oil from skin. But there is no harm in bathing once in 10-15 days using the right products designed exclusively for pets. Don’t use any product manufactured for human on dog’s skin.
Myth: Shaving a long-coat keeps dog cooler in summer.
Fact: Clipping the coat in summer is recommended. But it’s completely a wrong idea to clean shave the dog in summer. Instead of giving relief, it may cause sun burn and other skin disorders.
Myth: A dog’s skin is healthier with mats in winter.
Fact: This is an absolutely unfounded myth. Trimming with proper de-matting always makes dog’s skin healthier in any season.
Myth: Letting your dog grow a long coat in the winter keeps him warmer.
Fact: It depends on the climatic condition of the region. If the winter is harsh with snowfall or extreme cold, it is not at all a wise idea to clip the coat too short.
Myth: Tooth brushing is unnecessary to a dog’s well being.
Fact: Tooth brushing is ‘must’ to keep your dog healthy. Instead of using brush, chew sticks or other chew items are available in the market for the purpose.
Myth: ‘Hypo-Allergenic’ breeds don’t need grooming.
Fact: It’s a wrong notion. Grooming does not have any ill effect to dogs having any problem.
Myth: Raw eggs make your dog’s coat better.
Fact: This is completely a misconception. There are appropriate ways to make coats better by using grooming products and right food.
Myth: Your dog’s bad breath is normal.
Fact: Dogs have a specific odour in their breath, but it is different from bad breath. The term ‘bad breath’ is equal to foul smell, which is a sign of something abnormal. So, consult your vet in case of any foul smell in your dog’s breath.
(Urmila Dabholkar runs Tail Waggers Pet Salon in Mumbai which has been in the industry for more than 12 years, delivering a wide array of grooming services including haircuts, conditioning and medicated baths, aroma therapy and more)