Exam time The curfew begins…


I woke up after three long hours and Kanupriya’s hands were still working and working and working… The same dull study table, the same boring atmosphere and the same lazy me! Will these exams never end? She had the same stern look and her hands were moving to and fro with the same speed. It was enough! I couldn’t take it anymore. She even forgets my evening walk when she studies. I call it rotten, very much rotten. I got up from that dark corner and stretched to my maximum. I pushed my muzzle over her thigh and made an effort to remind her about my presence. She gave me a look of a second and then looked again into her notebook as if she were thinking of a mathematic formula and not looking at me. My effort to prompt her failed. I dragged my lazy body back to that dark corner and thought about a new idea.

Suddenly, the bulb of my mind lit and I hid behind the curtain and started making weird noises. For once I thought she was coming to me because she was concerned. But to my shock she pulled the curtain apart with a jerk and gave me a tight one. I turned into a stone. I could feel the sensation of the slap, running down my veins. My life seemed futile and I returned to that same gloomy corner. Another idea, pee and poo! That’s what my mind said. I started revolving around the dining table like the earth does on its orbit around the sun. This is my way of alarming my family members that someone should escort me to the garden for the purpose of this bare fact of life! Nobody over looks this act of mine. But in vain! She didn’t even notice my vigorous effort, leave it Mischief, find another idea. I silently crept to the drawer and pulled her sock and started nibbling it and even tore it a bit.
Moreover, secretly I pulled out an eraser from her stationary box. I was sure she would get up then. To my disappointment, she gave me a scary look and I gave up. She was the winner again. To my rescue her mother called her for evening tea.
Hurray! Now in any case she had to get up and leave her studies. Perhaps this was a golden opportunity for me. I jumped from the bed and landed on her feet. I made a puppy face that could win hearts. I pleaded her to get me out of this monotony. We both were out and after having her evening tea, she locked her room and was back to her studies. I was left all alone.
But every dog has ‘his’ day. Exams are over now. Kanu is back, fully charged, all for me! Now I have walks twice a day, extended durations of play-time, long sessions of my pawdicure and all of above, spending time together. The study table has been deserted for good and the sun is glowing blissfully on me again.
–Mischief, Delhi (Text by Kanupriya Agarwal)